Do you fear being ripped off when your car's MOT or service is due?

We spent most of our summer without a car. It was actually pretty painless and we managed some lovely trips out via public transport, however when it boils down to it, we need a car. There isn't always a bus available to take Steve to work and there are lots of places that are just too expensive or not easy to get to via car. Plus I am definitely not ready to stop our camping adventures and we most definitely need a car to carry all of our gear.

Do you fear being ripped off when your car's MOT or service is due?  - can help

We had taken our old car to our local garage when the oil light was flashing and the engine kept cutting out. We were told we needed a whole new engine but we would have to source our own. So we did but this and found it would cost £500 and we would need to give them our old engine as well. This isn't easy to do when they are 15 miles away and you don't have a car! Then our garage told us it would cost around £200 in labour to fit our new engine but they couldn't guarantee that all of this work would fix the problem! Then we had an MOT due in a few weeks time.........

All of this got me thinking we are going to be spending the best part of £1000 and how do I know the garage aren't ripping me off? That's when we decided to just not bother with the work, scrap our old car and buy a better car with a long MOT instead.

Do you fear being ripped off when your car's MOT or service is due?  - can help
Our new car cost less than the price our garage quoted to fix our old car

It turns out I'm not alone and three-quarters of motorists in the North East are worried about hidden costs and being oversold by their garage.  When the car is in for its service or MOT, everyone dreads that phone call from the mechanic where he starts listing everything that needs to be fixed.

A survey, conducted by, found that those in the North East fear being oversold by garages the most, with 74% of respondents stating this as a major concern. 

When it comes to car drivers selecting a garage to work on their vehicle, 55% of North Easterners value reputation above all else and, despite fretting about being overcharged, only 20% think fixed price promises were important.

Karen Rotberg Rothberg, director of, said: 

“Our survey shows that garages in the North East have a long way to go to build trust with their customers. As cars become more complicated with advances in technology, many motorists don’t always know what maintenance their cars need and feel that mechanics take advantage of this lack of knowledge.”

Do you fear being ripped off when your car's MOT or service is due?  - can help

 What do customers from the North east want from their garages?

·         51% of respondents from the North East book a car service by phone with 36% doing so in person. Only 20% book a car service online.

·         64% of those from Yorkshire and the Humber use a preferred garage because they trust them to resolve the issue or because they have used the same garage for years.

·         44% of the public living in the North East thought collection and delivery was important when choosing a garage and 40% valued a drop-off service.

I would have to say I agree with the survey's findings. I would LOVE to find a garage I trust and can go back time and time again. Also, as we only have one car in our family, a collection and delivery service would be fantastic.

We bought our new car with a year's MOT but when that date we all dread comes around again, I'll definitely try to read other customer's reviews and experiences first and hopefully find a garage I can trust. 

Have you ever felt like you've been ripped off by a garage? Let me know in comments. 

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  1. This is such a good post. My MOT is due next month and I'm terrified that my car won't pass even though it is in excellent condition as far as I can tell.

  2. I was always quite confident with my car but that's because I went to the family garage - I definitely think as a female especially, it's easy for garages to think they can take advantage of you.

  3. I think I definitely overpaid with my MOT this year, but it was done literally down the same road as I live. I was happy to pay for such convenience to be honest!

  4. book my garage sounds like a very helpful website. I always worry how much the cars MOT costs because so many places offer different prices

  5. Oh gosh you have just reminded me I need to book my car in for it's MOT -I always use a little local garage and so far they have been really good. x

  6. I don't drive but friends of mine have been ripped off, the joy of having a family member who is a mechanic means cheaper MOTs x

  7. I always fear I will be ripped off especially as I've had times when Quick Fit have wanted to charge me hundreds yet other places have charged me less than £50 to fix the issue x

  8. So true. I've used the same garage now for three MOTs as they had the opportunity to rip me off and didn't and even fixed something for free. Previous to that I used a garage who gave me the part they had changed saying 'here show this to your husband'. I can see what they were trying to do - demonstrate they had changed it - but it was MY car not my husbands!


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