How to Regulate Room Temperature More Easily with a New Born Baby

I've seen a few discussions on Facebook recently about how your baby should sleep in this warm weather we've been experiencing. Everywhere you turn, there is well-meaning advice and suggestions relating to your new born bundle of joy. Once your baby arrives, the hard work starts, along with the worry and anxiety that you are doing everything you possibly can to give your new born the best start in life. 

How to Regulate Room Temperature More Easily with a New Born Baby

One area that concerns many new parents is sleep time, whether this is day time naps or getting through most of the night without being woken. There are many things that can interfere with a baby’s sleep pattern, from having colic to the room being too cold or too hot.
There is a lot of advice relating to the correct room temperature but getting the room to this ideal – and keeping it there! – can be tough. You don’t want roaring dry heat but neither do you want a chill in the air. 

The good news is that keeping your precious warm is a lot easier, especially with these great hints and tips (all proven to work by parents!). Looking at the type of heating system you have in your home is important too, as creating an ideal temperature is also better and healthier for you too. With a wide selection of underfloor heating kits on the market, fitting a cheap-to-run underfloor heating system is one possible solution. 

Keeping an eye on the temperature

In the summer, the relentless heat can make sleeping or even napping almost impossible. In the winter, the colder evenings and nights can also make getting a fitful night sleep almost impossible. 
The answer may not be to fling open the windows in summer or pile of the duvets in winter, especially for a new born baby. 

But sleep in important for a new born because it is during this time that they grow. And a sleep-deprived baby is not a happy one, as you will find out!

Here are a few tips on how to regulate room temperature more easily with a new born baby;

#1 Look at the room they sleep in

When your house is busy, a baby may need a room of their own that is peaceful and quiet where they can get the quality of sleep they need. Many parents assume that the house needs to be warm and turn up the thermostat but actually, you may be making the room or house too warm. 

Suggestions are that the optimum temperature is around 16 to 20°C, a temperature you may think is a bit chilly. However, research has shown that a pleasant background heat, as supplied by underfloor heating makes for a far more comfortable sleeping environment. Always check with your midwife or health visitor if you are unsure. 

#2 Night time heat

There are some schools of thought that suggest if there is a radiator in the room, that it should not be on at night time. The reason is that a radiator can belch out too much heat in a concentrated space of time.

However, during winter, most rooms would be simply too cold at night for a new born baby – and adults – thus it makes sense to either have the heat on low so that the radiator is warm to touch but not hot or, better still, have the underfloor heating at a low but constant temperature. 

#3 Night time bath

On colder evenings, one thing that is guaranteed to warm up baby and you, as well as helping your baby to relax, is a warm bath. 

However, for many parents this presents an anomaly because whilst in the bath, the baby is warm and content but when cold air meets a wet body, it instantly creates cold. Babies cannot shiver to warm themselves. 

Again, underfloor heating is the answer. Unlike radiators etc., this heating system constantly circulates heat under the floor but rather than heating the air in the room that then heats objects and people, this type of heat radiates from the floor, heating objects evenly, including you. There are no cold spots, meaning the nightly bath and gentle, soothing massage can really send baby into the land of mod very quickly. 

#4 The right bedding

There are many arguments for and against the use of sheets, blankets, duvets, sleeping pods and so on. Some say that blankets can be kicked off, others say that sleeping pods are too restrictive and swaddling. 

Whichever bedding suits you and your baby, their head nor face should be covered. It should be, as far as possible, a natural fabric safe for use with babies. Don’t forget, your baby cannot sweat or shiver, nor move away when too hot or crawl to a blanket when too cold. You will need to ensure that they are not cold nor too warm; rather than checking their hands and feet, place your hand on their tummy or neck instead. This gives a better indication of their temperature. 

With so much advice, it can be difficult to know what to do for the best but, keep an eye on the thermostat and the weather, as well as monitoring your baby’s temperature by feeling whether they are too cold or too hot. And finally enjoy your baby and don’t worry too much!

Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies have a range of kits and systems that are perfect for any property. Underfloor heating is the perfect choice for a family home, from the moment your precious bundle arrives to them learning to walk, to when your family are grown up!

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