How to choose the perfect first dance song

My blogging bestie is getting married soon and I can't wait to find out what her first dance is going to be. For some couples, the song that means the most to them isn’t always the best choice for a first dance at a wedding – perhaps it’s something that is an inside joke, fast paced or just not appropriate for your Grandma to listen to. 

My gorgeous friend Claire and her husband enjoying their first dance last month

If this is the case choosing a song to dance to as a newly wed couple can feel harder than agreeing on matching wedding rings or what colour scheme to go with for the day. I really regret our first dance song - I really wanted 'I believe in a thing called love' but the live lounge version by Lemar which meant a lot to us but I played it to my friend and she turned me against it so I went with something generic which I regret now!  So here’s how to choose the perfect first dance song, that will get your Mum tearing up and everyone smiling…

Choose a song that is easy to sway to

Unless you’re signing up for dance lessons before your big day you need a slow song that’s easy to awkwardly shuffle to (it’s not a wedding first dance if there’s no awkward shuffling!) Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking out loud’ is the top choice for wedding dance songs, according to a study carried out by music streaming service Spotify, with Etta James’s ‘At Last’ and Ray LaMontagne’s ‘You are the Best Thing.’ These three songs are all recognisable and easy to move to, making them perfect first dance songs. 

Pick something from a special moment 

For some people it was the first song you sang together, after realising you both loved the artist, for others it's more subtle – perhaps the song that was playing in the restaurant you went on a date to or that you first danced together to at a mutual friend’s wedding. Choose a song that evokes a happy memory together ('I believe in a thing called love' was the song that was always on the radio when we bought and decorated our first home together).

Don’t worry about it being cheesy

Most love songs are pretty corny, so if you both love Shania Twain’s ‘From this Moment’ don’t hide it – it’s your big day, your song and you should choose something you both feel works and represents you. Same rule applies for any Bryan Adams tracks, get those on! 

Find something a little different

You could skip the Ed Sheerans and the John Legends altogether and opt for something a little unusual. The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s acoustic version of their Wedding Song is a wonderful, soft tune to twirl to on the dancefloor while Regina Spektor’s Samson is a quirky but beautiful song for that first dance. 

Choose a song that reminds you both what you mean to each other, be sure to check the lyrics to ensure it is a love song and pop it on the DJs list for your big day! 

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  1. No pressure! Ours is just a song we both liked, the ones that have meaning are all up tempo and involve dancing round the kitchen using a spoon as a microphone!


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