3 ways to ready your bed for the perfect night's sleep

Getting a good night’s rest isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve got young kids in the house. There are ways to enhance your sleep though (and make every second count), and creating a luxurious bed setup that exudes comfort and relaxation is one of them. If you think your sleeping space is in need of a revamp to help you get some much needed shuteye, keep reading. Here are three ways to prepare your bed for the perfect night’s slumber.

3 ways to ready your bed for the perfect night's sleep

1. Get the basics right

Firstly, make sure you’ve got the basics right. If your current bed is creaky and uncomfortable, and your mattress is unsupportive and lumpy, it may be time to bite the bullet and invest in new ones. Especially if you share a bed with a partner, try to steer clear or single or continuous coil mattresses as these designs make it more likely that you’ll disturb each other if you move around during the night. Pocket sprung or memory foam designs are generally better. The important thing is that your bed setup leaves you feeling fresh and revitalised in the morning, rather than achy and sore.

2. Choose sumptuously soft bedding

Take care to choose the best possible bedding too. For the ultimate in luxury, goose feather and down duvets and pillows are hard to beat, and it’s useful to have duvets in different togs that you can switch as the seasons change. When it comes to your sheets and duvet covers, rather than opting for standard materials, why not treat yourself to high-quality Egyptian cotton? You can get luxury duvet covers in this sumptuously soft material from specialist suppliers online and by visiting certain high street shops. It’s worth being discerning when you’re choosing your covers and sheets as the best materials feel so much nicer against your skin and can make it easier to fall into a peaceful sleep.

3 ways to ready your bed for the perfect night's sleep

There’s no shortage of colours and patterns to choose from, and to increase your chances of enjoying restful nights, it’s worth opting for soothing designs that will help lull you to sleep. From soft pastel shades to inviting golds, silvers and teals, you should be able to find hues that help to put you in the right mood to drift off.

3. Invest in some decadent extras

Your bedroom should envelop you in a sense of cosiness and decadence. So, to complete your new arrangement, you could invest in a host of accessories. From stylish throws that keep you warm during the winter nights to scatter cushions that give your bed an even more opulent appearance, there’s are plenty of extras that could help you to finish this area off to perfection.

3 ways to ready your bed for the perfect night's sleep

OK, so overhauling your bed setup won’t stop the kids from waking you up at the crack of dawn, but it could make it easier to nod off at night.

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