May Favourites - Vlog

My first ever 'Favourites' video. Check out what products I have been LOVING this month:-

Thumbs up and comments are always appreciated - let me know what you've been loving this month.


  1. I really like this style video for you, your personality comes across more in this one! I love Liz Earle products. I'm using their foot cream at the moment. I don't use any cleansers/ toners. I just use cold water if I'm not wearing make up or the kids baby wipes if I am. The travel document holder is really cute. I like that. We put everything in an a4 plastic wallet but yours is prettier!

    1. Ah thanks Nyomi - I'll be doing another one at the end of the month x

  2. Love this, I can not live without conditioner! I do just use lush Alberto though. I love gardeners hands and I'm definitely tryinh Liz Earle cleanse and Polish


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