Our Soundtrack to Summer

Summer and good music go hand in hand and after reading Traveljems' Soundtrack to Summer I have been inspired to think about the summer songs that we love.

Music plays a huge part in you growing up and I'll never forget that feeling when I received my very own CD player and my first ever CD - 'Dance Tip '95'. I am even more excited that you can still buy this CD on Amazon for under a tenner and may have to buy a new copy for the car. God knows how many hours I spent dancing and singing in my room to delights such as Corona - Try Me Out, Right in the Night - Jam & Spoon and Dreamer - Livin' Joy. Happy days! When I hear these songs on the radio I can't help but smile and sing along. Music really does transport you back to different parts of your life like nothing else can.

Heidi is 7 now and has really grown to love music. I vividly remember that I was always far too shy to sing in public but Heidi has a quiet confidence about her and will happily sing along to music in the car and I don't think it will be long before Steve and I are shouting upstairs for her to turn her music down. Thankfully at the moment she is happy to listen to MP3s with her headphones.

Heidi has a growing collection of Bratz dolls (which was added to on her birthday recently) and along with her Monster High dolls are some of her most treasured possessions.

The new Bratz remix collection have been designed for children and young adults who love music just like Heidi. Heidi's new doll features headphones, an iPod and even super trendy dungarees - if the dolls' hair was a different colour I swear it could be a mini me.

So, what is going to be the soundtrack to Heidi's summer? She is very much in a boyband and girlband 'pop' phase at the moment. I'm not complaining though, especially when it comes to Bieber and Little Mix.

Mammy:- What song makes you happy?
Heidi - Roar (by Katy Perry) makes me happy as I like to sing along to it in the car and pretend I’m a Tiger

Mammy:- What song makes you feel confident?
Heidi - You don’t know you’re beautiful by One Direction

Mammy - What song makes you want to dance?
Heidi - Live while we’re young by One Direction or Sorry by Justin Bieber

Mammy - What song makes you want to sing?
Heidi - Story of my Life by One Direction (hmmmm can we see a pattern here!)

Mammy - What song reminds you of your favourite people?
Heidi - DNA (Little Mix) reminds me of mammy because she always sings it

So there we have it - it looks like I'll be spending all summer listening to One Direction. As I think you can tell by her face, Heidi is super chuffed that she has a new Bratz doll to share her love of music with. 

Heidi was very kindly sent a Bratz Doll in return for her telling us all how much she loves 1D :-)



  1. Beautiful pictures, I'm not much of a fan of pop bands but I have to admit to enjoying Little Mix (and secretly some One Direction...)
    I'm going to be reminiscing about pop bands of my childhood now (S Club Seven anyone?) Great read.

    1. Thank you - you can't beat a bit of Little Mix can you? I was never really a fan of 7 Club x

    2. Thank you - you can't beat a bit of Little Mix can you? I was never really a fan of 7 Club x

  2. I have always been obsessed with music even at a young age, I think my answers would have been identical to Heidi's other than Take That instead of 1D! I know I'd love 1D and Little Mix if i was young nowadays!


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