Holiday Fashion for Boys

What is going on with the weather at the moment??? I've been trying to photograph the boys in their new summer outfits for two weeks now but we keep getting caught up in freak thunderstorms, hail and snow! Hello Mr Sunshine - you do realise it's almost May!

It's 6 weeks until our holiday in Spain now so I am just going to ignore the UK weather for now and focus on that. I am in full holiday-shopping mode now. Last week I shared some of Heidi's new outfits for spring/summer and today it's the boys' turn.

There is no denying that shopping for boys just isn't as fun as shopping for girls - there does seem to be less choice and as a FB follower pointed out, a lot of boys fashion focuses around superheroes and TV characters printed on a t-shirt. I was up for the challenge of finding them a few holiday outfits and headed to intu Eldon Square to see what they had to offer. I was advised by a fair few Facebook followers that when it comes to boys, I should invest in good quality t-shirts and then stock up on cheaper shorts from the likes of H&M and Primark so that is what I tried to do.

Ooops I clearly fell at the first hurdle and ended up buying Harry a superhero t-shirt! I love this Captain America/Iron Man top and think it's fairly grown up and can be dressed up or dressed down so I couldn't resist. 

T shirt | Next    Hat | Next   Denim Shorts | Next   

My boys aren't too keen on wearing denim as they say it's not very comfortable but I love the waistband on these shorts from Next which make them super comfy and wearable and the boys will look smart without any complaining.

Ted Baker T-shirt | Debenhams

I was very impressed with the children's t-shirt selection in Debenhams and will be definitely head here more often. Although Ted Baker T-shirts are a little more expensive than what I would usually spend (they are £14-£16 each), the quality is fantastic and I think their designs really stand out. Perfect for days at the beach or evenings out. Very versatile!

T-shirt | Debenhams

One of the key trends for spring/summer 2016 is stripes and this is certainly reflected in some of the boys' outfits I picked. 

Ted Baker T-shirt | Debenhams

Marks and Spencer never lets me down when it comes to children's fashion and it's somewhere I shop a lot. I love how this season's nautical trend has filtered down into some of their children's ranges. My husband Steve has commented that he would like the outfit below for himself!

Shorts | Marks and Spencer   T-Shirt | Marks and Spencer

I wouldn't normally buy patterned shorts as think you are sometimes restricted with what you can match them with but there are a lot of the same trends in various stores across intu Eldon Square so it is easy to mix and match items from different places.

T-shirt | Debenhams    Shorts | Marks and Spencer

T-shirt | Marks and Spencer

Finally, Jack is absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs but a lot of the t-shirts with dinosaur prints on seem quite babyish now. I LOVE this top from Debenhams which I am sure will get a lot of wear over the summer.

T-shirt | Debenhams

I still have a few bits and bobs to buy - mainly swimwear which I'll be heading back to Debenhams to buy I think but I am mostly done! I am so sorry I couldn't show you these outfits as modelled on the boys like I did with Heidi but that's British weather for you! I am sure you will spot them in lots of blog posts and vlogs in the next few months. 

What do you think of my choices? Do you have a favourite? 

Thanks to intu Eldon Square who helped us pick these outfits and advised us on key trends for spring/summer 2016.


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  1. Oh I love the Ted Baker t-shirts, and the Debenhams ones. Might have to invest in some for our holidays too. Hope you have a lovely time. Where are you off to?


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