If Mark Warner did holidays in Northumberland

Regular readers of our blog will know that we are big foodies. I simply can't book a holiday or short break without extensively researching the food and drink options available to us. Whether this be taking the children Whiskey tasting,  hunting out a quirky fairy cafe in Yorkshire,  taking part in a traditional cookery class in Marrakech, sampling street food on the Southbank, enjoying Thai food with the family or booking a full Michelin star gourmet break at Gidleigh park, food is always high on our agenda. So when the lovely people at Mark Warner announced they were looking for bloggers that were 'The Serious Foodie' we thought we might fit the bill and would love to be considered.

Street Food from London's Southbank

Mark Warner holidays are available in some of the most picturesque corners of Europe. From the beautiful beaches of Sardinia to the stunning mountain views of Courchevel, there's no denying a Mark Warner holiday would be easy on the eyes! It did get me thinking though, what would happen if Mark Warner did holidays in Northumberland? Northumberland really is a natural beauty spot too so we've decided to re-create that special Mark Warner magic with a little bit of a destination change. We're bringing you all the ingredients of our perfect family holiday from our home county of Northumberland. We hope you like our video filmed at Druridge Bay:-

We hope you took from the video that our perfect holiday would at least feature the following four ingredients:-

*Delicious local food by the beach
*Cocktails by the pool
*A romantic meal and dancing under the stars for mum and dad whilst the kids enjoy movies with their new friends snuggled up in their sleeping bags
*Lots of activities through the day for us to build up an appetite

All jokes aside, it doesn't really matter where our perfect family holiday is as long as we're together and we can have the chance sample some local food and culture.

This is our application to the #MarkWarnerMum ambassador programme (serious foodie category) for 2016.  If you'd like to learn more about the #MarkWarnerMum programme, you can visit their website here:-



  1. Sam I love it!!! Those poor freezin kids!!!!

    1. Ah they are proper Geordies and don't feel the cold :D haha - they loved it x

  2. OMG this is brilliant, what a cute little video - the kids are great in it!

  3. Ah Samantha this had me beaming, look at you lovely lot! Well done and good luck! xx

  4. Ha ha this is so cute I love it, good luck to you all Sam xx

  5. This video really made me laugh . I can't believe you braved the beach at this time of year, it looks freezing! Good luck xx

  6. Your video is so much fun! I think you would make great ambassadors!


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