Family bowling that makes you feel like a VIP - AMF Bowling | Washington

We love bowling together as a family and things usually end up getting quite competitive. I love that as well as being lots of fun, there are health benefits too. Our local bowling alley a few miles away from our home is very disappointing though and I ended up being VERY frustrated with the service and whole experience during our last visit. We do love Lane 7 in Newcastle, however I am not keen on braving city centre traffic at the best of times, especially not during half term. So the hunt was on for a family bowling alley that was easy to get to and provided that fun factor we were looking for.

AMF Bowling - The Galleries | Washington

I stumbled upon AMF Bowling in Washington and was surprised that it was only 13 miles away from my home in Northumberland and according to our sat nav we would be there in less than 30 minutes. Their website promised plentiful free parking at their site in The Galleries shopping centre which won me over!

You can easily book online and the website will even display applicable offers too. (TOP TIP - Make sure you sign up to their newsletter to get their best deals straight to your inbox). Family bowling costs from £18.29.

What makes AMF Bowling | Washington the BEST?

Everyone knows what happens during a game of bowling, but AMF Bowling sets itself apart from the rest with the following:-

Setting up our lane at AMF Bowling - The Galleries | Washington

First of all, everyone is designated a 'lane helper' ours was Laura and she was super friendly and enthusiastic. She set up our bowling for us so if you're not tech savvy, don't worry, it's all taken care of. She asked the kids to type in their own names on screen and choose their own emoji face too. Jack of course selected a devil! You can choose at this point who would like bumpers up or down and it is all VERY seamless. We were then left to bowl but if we needed Laura at anytime we could just press a special button on our tablet and she'd be wth us in seconds. She was also happy to take drinks and food orders too so no leaving your lane to head to the bar. 

Free balloons at  AMF Bowling - The Galleries | Washington

Half way through our game, Laura brought the kids all over a balloon which made their day - who doesn't love a balloon! 

Strike Sticker at AMF Bowling - The Galleries | Washington

The lane helpers keep their eyes peeled for anyone who gets a strike - when they do, they run straight over with a STRIKE sticker. Fab! Steve seems rather chuffed with his!

I got one too!

Score cards at AMF Bowling - The Galleries | Washington

At the end of our game, Laura brought us over some score sheets and noted our scores - we were then added to that day's leader board which absolutely delighted the kids (especially as it was fairly early in the day so we were near the top)

Winners sticker and certificate at AMF Bowling - The Galleries | Washington

Harry was provided with a winners certificate and sticker too - remember all of this is in with the price and doesn't cost any extra!

More bowling shots.....

Kids bowling at AMF Bowling - The Galleries | Washington

Kids bowling at AMF Bowling - The Galleries | Washington

Kids bowling at AMF Bowling - The Galleries | Washington

Other ways AMF Bowling | Washington rocks

  • Air conditioning
  • Big Screen Sports
  • Diner
  • Free Parking
  • Pool
  • Amusements
  • Cash Point
  • Disabled Access
  • Free Wifi
  • Bar
  • Costa Coffee
  • Jukebox
  • Play for Prizes

Food from the Diner

Bowling certainly builds up an appetitie and we were STARVING. You can order food for your lane via your lane helper or eat in the diner. We opted for the diner.

Sharing platter from Kids AMF Bowling - The Galleries | Washington
Double Strike Sharing Platter - £6.99

Kids meal at AMF Bowling - The Galleries | Washington
Kids Chicken fillet bites with chips - £2.99
We were hugely impressed with the quality of the food - the chicken nuggets were of a good standard and our sharing platter was very good value. The kids loved the special bowling plates too. Service was cheerful and helpful - I swear all of the staff at AMF Bowling must go through some sort of Disney training school as they were all super friendly, it really does make a difference when the staff are nice. 

Kids meal at AMF Bowling - The Galleries | Washington

We ended our visit with a quick play on the amusements and I couldn't resist picking up a few leaflets on the way out detailing their party offers. 

Parties at AMF Bowling | Washington

Kids parties are available from £7.99 per child including bowling, children's meal, juice, balloons, a framed photo from the party & party invites. 

Teen parties are available from £9.99 per teen including bowling, an adult meal in the diner, a mocktail, a UV wristband and a framed photo of the party. 

It's not often I would get excited about bowling but I really wanted to write about AMF Bowling as they really did go the extra mile and we can't wait to return.

AMF Bowling - The Galleries | Washington - A review


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