Top tips for outdoor fun this winter

We are huge fans of outdoor fun whatever the weather. We have enjoyed winter walks in the snow and even heavy rain doesn't put us off enjoying our local playground. We have made some mistakes over the years though and Harry walking off in a strop last year to the words:-

"You call this fun? I am cold, hungry and tired - how is that fun?" still haunt me!

Top tips for outdoor fun this winter

We now always make sure we are fully prepared before heading on an outdoor adventure and touch wood, things have been ok so far this year! Here are our top 5 tips for ensuring the great outdoors are enjoyable this winter:-

1 - Wear waterproof jackets

You can never predict what the weather is going to be like in the UK - don't let blue skies fool you! We have been caught out on more than on occasion.  In the winter time it always pays to wrap up warm and ensure everyone is wearing a waterproof coat like these ones from M and M Direct. I always look for a coat with a hood for extra warmth and pockets to keep my gloves and phone handy.

2 - Keep a boot bag in your car boot

Our wellies live in our car ready to change into when we are at our destination. Woods are generally always muddy at this time of year and can easily ruin shoes! We keep two large carrier bags in our boot to protect our car from the inevitable mud. I would also highly recommend packing a spare pair of socks for everyone as children's wellies sometimes have a habit of leaking and this will prevent any tears due to cold/wet feet on the way home.

Keep your wellies in your car!

3 - Pack a rucksack with snacks

Even if we are heading somewhere for lunch I ALWAYS pack a snack and drink for the kids and grown ups when we are heading out for a walk. Being hungry is the quickest way to create whingy children! I just fill their Sistema bottles (which I have found to always stay leak proof) with water and pack bananas or cereal bars. 

4 - Create fun

Fun doesn't mean you need to visit a park (although my three always like this the best). You can download nature trails or spotter sheets before visiting your local woods or plan to visit a Stick Man trail which have just opened in forests across the UK and are likely to be a hit with all ages.

5 - Make sure you know where the toilets are!

My husband thinks I am obsessed but every time I pass a loo when we are out with the kids I make us all go - I always think it's better to be safe than sorry! If we are heading out for a woodland or coastal walk we always make sure we have checked where the nearest loo's are and spend a penny before setting off which normally avoids any accidents or last minute dashes!

Will you be enjoying some outdoor fun this winter and do you have any tips to share?

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Top tips for outdoor fun this winter



  1. Some great tips here, I always have boots and a coat in my boot!

  2. I agree with all of these - my wellies live in my boot, I always seem to have a banana on me too. And I've had too many stops with a toddler behind a tree to pass up a toilet!

    1. Pleased I'm not the onl one! I guess it's a mum thing x

  3. Great article. I have been thinking about investing in some waterproof trousers for my 2, so that they can play on wet and muddy playgrounds without me worrying about them getting soaked to the skin.

    1. Oh yes, my 4 year old loves his waterproof trousers xx

  4. Ha I am exactly the same with toilets, and my two are almost 10 and 11, but still guaranteed to suddenly need the toilet when you are as far away as possible from one ;) fab tips,
    Stevie x


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