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How to add a touch of personality to your home

Your home is a reflection of you as a family and person, both a functional living space and a portrait of memories, achievements and experience. I love watching television shows such as Through the Keyhole and Cribs and checking out how the other half live but actually, their houses are not necessarily any more individual than the man on the street. However, making a home your own can take time and imagination - here are several ideas.

Add some colour 

All of the rooms in our house are painted cream. This may be boring to some but I love that s monotone room can be instantly brought to life with the addition of just a few splashes of colour and contrast and changing accessories is so much easier than changing wall colour! A grey, cream or beige room splashed with yellow, blue or purple can create an interesting and complex room, although be careful not to overdo it! New cushions or curtains, or new wallpaper for just one face of the room, will often suffice. In December we add a lot of red accessories to our room and in Spring we switch to yellows and greens.

Adding a hint of red in December

Your choice of colour says much about you as a person and your aims; orange expands thinking, while the green of indoor flowers and plants represents a desire to increase wealth, corresponding with life’s riches, and healing and rejuvenation. 

New furniture

The eye is drawn to curiosity and oddity, and sometimes the addition of one single item changes the emphasis of a room from mundane and stale to captivating. That item could be a table or chair that stays on the correct side of awkward and tackiness, but you’re probably unlikely to find such an item in a chain and might have to search for the perfect bijou piece. 

For inspiration, Architecture Art Designs has 30 curious chairs that are both bizarre and beautiful, created from materials and bent into shapes that you may never have considered for a lounge or kitchen. If you’re looking to follow trends that are likely to survive indefinitely, while still retaining enough control to add your own stamp.

Photographic memories

Home sellers are told that depersonalising a home by removing photographs, certificates, and individual prints can help it sell faster, because it helps the potential buyer mentally place their own items in the space. Therefore, the reverse is also true; pictures of family, friends, events and holidays make the home your own. 

These could take the form of personalised photo cushions, canvas prints or acrylic panels, posters, and even blinds. With photographs prints or designs, think about interesting arrangements such as a photo wall.  We do have our favourite song lyrics on our wall (see if you can guess the song).


Vintage, rustic, or antique pieces don’t have to cost a fortune; auctions, second-hand shops, eBay seller shops and FaceBay are cheaper ways of buying. Sometimes a seller might even personalise the item – for example, if they have advertised that they are renovating an item of 19th/early-20th Century furniture, they might paint it a certain colour if you enquire or pay early.

Items you might consider include giant clocks, lampshades, old books, boxes, and cabinets. 

Take photographs of your rooms with you so you can see if the piece ‘fits in’. 

How have you added personality to your home? I'd love to hear your ideas. 

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  1. I agree it's the little things which make a difference - our furniture is fairly neutral but we have photos up, canvases and lots of things brought back from my travels including two huge colourful paintings from our honeymoon. I love having the reminder of my trips and having something unique too


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