A Pug's Christmas

It's well known in our family that 2016 is going to be the year our family joins our parents and siblings by becoming dog owners. For the past 2 years we have talked excitedly about how a pet Pug will finally complete our family. There is still a lot of deliberation over his name though with half of us wanting to call him 'Yoda' and half of us wanting to name him 'Crumpet' (let me know which name you prefer) I guess we won't be able to decide for sure until we meet him.

We probably won't add our new addition until the Summer time but have bought Heidi this cute t-shirt from M&S for Christmas in anticipation......

There's just something about Pugs that really capture my heart and this video from Vision Direct really is my favourite Christmas advert this year. Forget about the man in the moon, it's all about Shortsighted Gizmo the Pug in our house!

Poor Gizmo doesn't find wearing his plaster-clad glasses the easiest of tasks, but luckily his special friend saves the day using Vision Direct's super speedy contact lenses delivery service.

Isn't he the sweetest!!

It's not all fun and games being a Celebrity Pug though and Gizmo clearly works hard to give his best performance. I adore the behind the scenes film even more than the original advert as Gizmo informs us 'He does not play a little boy's dog, in fact the little boy plays his owner'. Hilarious! You can also catch Gizmo being driven around by his chauffeur and trying on various outfits at Pet London. Check out all the behind the scenes action below:-

Gizmo is just the cutest and it's no wonder he has reached almost 1000 followers over on instagram. Make sure you pop over to Vision Direct's website to enter Gizmo's competition where you can win a £250 amazon gift voucher by telling Vision Direct what colour Gizmo's towel is (competition closes at 12 noon on 21st December 2015 and terms and conditions apply).

I had to squeeze in one last Pug pic! 

So.....what do you think we should name our Pug? Do you prefer Yoda or Crumpet? After watching these adorable videos I'm adding Gizmo to the mix too!



  1. Awww it has to be Crumpet for me. What a cute name.

    Katie X


  2. Definitely crumpet! That is such a cute advert!!! And I now want a pug too!!!! lol. Gemma x

  3. Definitely crumpet!!!! Love this advert how cute!!!! And I now what a pug too!! (Not a pig as Apple autocorrect seems to think!!!) x


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