5 reasons we love Bob the Builder comic for 3 & 4 year olds

Jack (aged 4) started full time school in September and although he is flourishing and at the top of his class at school he is not keen at all on any sort of learning at home. For him, home time is about playing, watching tv and having fun. I guess he does have a point as he is only 4 however he still does receive homework and was set targets by his teacher at the beginning of the year and these are always at the front of my mind. Jack really hates homework and any sort of formal learning at home is a real struggle and I am always looking for ways to encourage him to learn whilst he has fun. 

We were sent a new Bob the Builder comic to review from Egmont and Jack was immediately excited to try out the tasks which was a really good start. I had a quick flick through before I sat down with Jack and was really pleased with the range of activities for little ones and think that £3.99 is a very good price for the value this comic provides. Jack is almost 5 years old and he is fairly bright for his age, I don't think this comic really pushed or challenged him in any way (which is why I think it may be better suited to 3-4 year olds rather than 4-5 year olds) but it did encourage him to sit down and learn and he had fun so it receives a big thumbs up from us! Here are 5 reasons we loved it:-

1 - The Stickers and Stories

Every child loves stickers and I think we would be disappointed if there weren't any included. Jack loved creating sticker scenes and sharing a story together. He even helped sounding out some of the words. 

2 - Easy Crafts to try

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a spot of crafting - rather than scouring pinterest for ideas and then braving the shops to buy supplies, I love that we just needed scissors, glue and crayons to create our own Christmas tree decoration. Perfect for busy mums like me and Jack really enjoyed it. 

3 - Lots of Added Extras

This month's comic is packed with extra items including a fantastic reward chart (perfect in the run up to Christmas), a poster for Jack's wall which now has pride of place above his drawers and a toy hammer which although I thought may be a little young for Jack was not the case at all - he loved using the hammer to play his own version of 'Bob the Builder'.

4 - It helps to hit some of Jack's school targets (reception year)

I've popped Jack's reception targets in the above photograph but in case you can't make them out, by the end of next year he is expected:-
  • To write his full name with correct letter formation.
  • To recognise and write numbers to at least 20 correctly and know 1 more/less than a number.
  • To know all 42 sounds linked to Jolly Phonics scheme and be able to use them in reading and writing.
I found the Bob the Builder comic to help achieve some of his targets in a fun and friendly way that Jack actually enjoyed!

Number Formation

Recognise numbers 1 more/less

Write his full name

It is actually amazing how much the comic is linked to the school curriculum and I am highly impressed. My only niggle as mentioned before is that I would like to see a few more activities to stretch more able 4 year olds - maybe include numbers up to 20 rather than stopping at 10 or introduce some phonics based activities. 

5 - It's Age Appropriate

My children have enjoyed lots of comics aimed at under 5's over the years and what has stood out for me with Bob the Builder is how children are sometimes encouraged to form letters but also sometimes asked to 'scribble' (see above). I love how inclusive this is for all ages and abilities. 

That's enough of why I loved the comic though. Let's see the comic in action:-

I would definitely recommend the Bob the Builder comic for girls and boys who are reluctant to learn at home. We don't watch Bob the Builder too often ourselves but this hd no impact on Jack's enjoy. We managed a whole week's worth of fun from the comic ranging from creating snow scenes to colouring machines, completing dot-to-dots and mazes and making our own tree decoration. 

Bob the Builder comic is aimed at children aged 3-6 and available from supermarkets and newsagents priced at £3.99. It is published every 3 weeks. 



  1. We really enjoyed our Bob the Builder magazine as well! Great video - it was fun to hear your accent, I think everyone I haven't met is going to sound like they're from Yorkshire ;)

    1. It's always strange when you hear a blogger's voice for the first time isn't it!

  2. Fab review. My little boy turns 3 very soon and I do think that he will become similar to yours in not wanting to 'learn' at home. Like with hiding vegetables in food, this sounds like a fab way to do something required through 'play'.
    I'll definitely bear this magazine in mind.. my boy does love Bob. :)



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