6 flexible careers perfect for new mums to fit around school hours

If you’re a mum you’ll know that balancing work and home life can be tough. As well as making a living by trawling job sites offering roles in Peterborough and other parts of the country, you also have to prepare lunch boxes, take the kids to after school clubs and do the housework. That’s a lot to fit into an average week, but there are things you can do to make your life easier such as finding a career that fits around school hours. For me, working in a regular full time job just wouldn't work at the moment - when I consider the cost of childcare for three children, it would simply not be worth my while to go out to work 9-5. Especially when the cost of childcare in the school holidays is taken into consideration.

I have been lucky in that I was able to work weekends for the NHS with an enhanced rate of pay (whilst hubby or grannie could look after the kids) when my children were young and then have been able to work from home blogging and working as a freelancer as they are older. Jobs that fit around school hours are very hard to come by though, so with this in mind, I have put together six flexible career paths that are certainly worth considering during this busy time in your life.

1. Freelancing

Do you have a specific skill that you could use to make money on a freelance basis? If so, this could be the right option for you. Everyone from web designers to content writers, bloggers or social media managers can make extra money if they work hard enough and as it’s often cheaper for companies to approach freelancers than hire people full-time, there are plenty of jobs available via sites like Freelancer. Working as a freelancer is really tough at times but it is also very rewarding and I only wish I had taken the step sooner!

2. Child-minding

If you quite like the thought of being a stay-at-home mum, but still need to earn a living, why not register to become a childminder? My mum did this for a while and it was a simple way for her to earn some extra money around her existing commitments. You must apply to the Early Years Register to look after children aged five years old and under and the Childcare Register to look after those aged five to seven. You can apply to both registers to look after children of all ages and if you’re deemed suitable can start earning money relatively quickly.

3. Make and sell

If you’re good at making things such as knitted scarves, handmade throws, cushion covers, clothes and jewellery you might be able to get by selling these items online. Sites like Etsy allow people to set up their own personal website and make use of their online shop facilities. Similarly, you might fancy going to craft fairs and as these occur at different times you can schedule your trips to fit around school hours. I run the Northumberland Mumpreneurs and we have plenty of crafters in the group who can offer advice - if you're interested in joining, just send me a quick message and I'll add you.

4. Work in the school system

Choosing a career in the school system is a great option for mums and dads alike as working hours often coincide with school pick-up times meaning you’ll be around to spend time with them after school and school holidays. Of course, to teach you’ll need a wide range of qualifications, but other roles including secretarial positions could be more suited to your skills.

5. Telecommunication

With businesses looking to improve their customer outreach, the telecommunications industry is thriving meaning work is readily available – and what’s more, flexible working patterns are common as organisations needs people to man the phones both day and night. So, if you’re good at sales or have excellent communication skills, working in a call centre while your children are at school could be more than suitable. I know EE in the Cobalt business park sometimes advertise for shifts that are 5pm-10pm which would work well if you had a partner at home to look after the kids during these time.

There are many things working mothers can do to earn a living while still being around to pick up the kids, it’s just a case of finding something to suit your busy lifestyle.

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