5 ways technology can benefit children

Many people worry that technology is negatively impacting how children behave and interact with the world around them. So many of us appear to be glued to mobile devices and tech - do we really want the same for our children? This is an issue very close to my heart and I have previously written about my concerns with children using social media and our experiment when we tried giving up technology altogether.

But despite all of this, my children still use technology every single day and I believe that technology can actually have a huge benefit on children’s lives, from developing their cognitive abilities to improving their confidence, here are five ways technology can benefit children: 

1. Life skills 

It’s no secret that technology is dominating our lives every day, and if your child is confident using everything from an iPad to a PC to understanding how to hook up a printer to a laptop, then they’re going to be fine in their every day life. As we become more reliant on technology it’s important kids are hands on as early as possible, it might seem a little defeating watching a child opt for the iPad instead of a book but this is the future and it’s easy to integrate both into their everyday routine. My children really love their ipads but they also love reading and have a nice selection of books too.

2. Academic support 

When it comes to homework or anything academic outside of school, technology provides support when the teacher isn’t there and you aren’t sure of the answer. Of course, they shouldn’t just be googling the answer to everything (although that does tend to be what happens whenever Harry asks me a question!) but there are plenty of educational apps out there that can help when it comes to improving their knowledge and confidence in a subject. You can download maths apps that feature a fun storyline for them to work through or apps that simply help with spelling.

3. Social skills 

Technology has opened new doors when it comes to communication and actually allows us to stay connected at all times with friends and family. Your child could speak to family members across the world and have fun chats with friends via an internet messaging app; just be sure to monitor their usage of social media at a young age – there are actually age restrictions on these types of sites you should be aware of.  When the kids' grandad works away in other countries, we always skype him on after Sunday lunch so he doesn't feel like he is missing out. 

4. Cognitive skills 

Navigating a piece of tech and the apps and software on it are actually very useful when it comes to cognitive development in a child. The use of technology can help kids when it comes to multi tasking skills, motor functions and memory recall. It’s a good idea though to limit the amount of purely entertaining apps they download and opt for engaging, academic ones that they can play while subtly being taught something new. 

5. Respect for belongings

Children must be taught that tech devices are fragile and therefore require respect and care when being used – this will reduce the amount of iPhone screen replacement services you have to seek out and ensure they take the same amount of care with everything they come into contact with. 

Mix technology with playing outside and reading to create a balance

Technology can provide a plethora of benefits for kids, but bear in mind that it is a good idea to limit their time on devices and allow them to expand their minds with books and outside play too. Technology is the perfect support for every day life, and it’s important children know how to use it, but it doesn’t need to impact every aspect. Use it as a way of assisting their every day tasks, but don’t let it rule their behaviour or what they do. 


  1. It's a real balance isn't it - while I want to limit my daughter's screen time while she's little, she'll grow up in this world where technology is part of everyday life. She does get mesmerised so I sometimes think she'd state at the screen all day if I let her...


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