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Things to do on Bonfire Night

It’s barely a week since Halloween and there’s another early winter festival to look forward to this weekend. Although Bonfire Night officially falls on 5th November, most organised fireworks displays will take place on Friday and Saturday and even Sunday night.

So, how will you and your family celebrate fireworks night this year? Here are just a few ideas of what to do.

Have a Bonfire Night party

Depending on how old your children are, and how keen they are on fireworks, you may feel more comfortable staying away from the public fireworks displays which can be noisy, crowded and confusing places for young children. Instead, why not invite friends over to share a meal with you and have a small fireworks display in the garden. If you’ve got a big enough garden to squeeze in a bonfire, it’s also a great time to clear out the clutter (or at least the clutter that you’re allowed to burn!).

Prepare an easy meal such as chilli in advance, so that you don’t have to spend time in the kitchen while everyone else is partying. You could also have a few games lined up for the kids to play inside before it’s time for your mini-fireworks extravaganza in the garden. Things such as apple bobbing or biting donuts off a string are easy to set up and always go down well.

Go out with friends

Going to a public fireworks display is definitely the easy option if your kids are up to dealing with crowds and the big bangs. Alongside the massive bonfire with the obligatory Guy on the top, there are often other entertainments aside from the fireworks, such as fairground rides and different stalls selling things to eat. A big outdoor event is always more fun when you can meet up with friends, and it takes the pressure off any of you having to play host too. Also, while it may cost you a little bit to go to a public fireworks display, you can guarantee that the fireworks will be a hundred times more impressive than anything you’d be able to put on at home in the back garden.

Something for the grown-ups

While Bonfire Night is generally more about the kids than the adults, most of us love to watch fireworks. But what about when the kids have worn themselves out and you’ve put them to bed? What should you do with the rest of your evening? Around Halloween and Bonfire Night is a popular time of year to have a psychic reading – check out the amazing choice of different psychic readers that can provide readings at theCircle.com – as there’s a feeling of change in the air (literally, as it turns colder) as we move from one season to another. Traditionally, around the Celtic festival of Samhain, bonfires were lit in a kind of purifying ritual, to appease the gods and ensure a safe winter.
Although most of us don’t view Bonfire Night in those terms these days, it’s still a marking of the passage of time, and a psychic reading can be helpful in assessing where you are in life now and where you’re heading in the future. A reading can sometimes help you decide to take a new path in life, or to be sure that the path you are on is the right one. Sitting down for a psychic reading is a great way to round off a busy Bonfire Night.
However you plan to celebrate this year’s Bonfire Night, wrap up warm. Standing around outside on a November night always ends up being colder than you’d imagine it to be, even with the mild temperatures we’ve been having of late! And whether you’re staying at home or taking the family out to a big public display of fireworks, make sure to keep everyone safe while you’re all having fun.

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