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Will self-storage be the norm for families struggling to buy bigger homes in 2016?

Rapid urbanisation is forcing city-dwellers into smaller and smaller homes (particularly in London) meaning people are not only paying more to live in tinier abodes but are also in need of extra space to store their belongings. Thankfully, there are a wide range of sites that allow homeowners and renters alike to keep their treasures secure – but will self-storage be the norm for families struggling to buy bigger homes in 2016? Well, the answer is, quite possibly.

From those looking for storage units in Camden, to those hunting for storage space in Bournemouth, it is clear there’s a huge demand for facilities of this kind – and the demand will only increase as more people head to the cities in search for work and get squeezed into smaller and smaller accommodation. Overcrowding is also a problem in urban areas too, especially London and with everyone fighting for their own bedroom, let alone somewhere to keep their treasures, storage units are likely to be bursting at the seams – and with good reason.

Safe and secure

If you have to put your much-loved belongings anywhere but your home, a professional storage centre is a top-choice. Unlike a friend’s garage or a disused warehouse, storage facilities are protected by sophisticated security systems including 24-hour CCTV which ensures all items are kept safe and sound. Guards also patrol many of the sites and with units protected by PINs-entry systems, electronic locks or bolt and key, intruders are kept well and truly at bay.

Large and small units

Every family has different needs, which is why reputable storage sites also offer a wide range of units in a number of different sizes. This means you can hire the exact amount of extra space you need and won’t be paying money you don’t have on facilities that aren’t appropriate. Downsizing can be a real issue for many people as moving from a three-bedroom country house to a pokey city flat is not easy (especially If you’ve been trying to find somewhere bigger in the right area for a while and can’t), but self-storage certainly takes the worry of being cramped away.

Work space

Whether you had to move to an urban area for work or left rural areas in search of a better, more prosperous life you might have found yourself forced into a smaller property with a higher rent. This could mean a lack of office space at home, but thankfully many storage units also come with power outlets meaning you work there away from the hustle and bustle of everyday home life. Believe it or not, many small businesses are also operating from storage facilities with rents being cheaper than other commercial properties, so it’s well worth looking into. 

My 'office space' is currently the sofa. I would love more space and a dedicated office.

There are 5 of us living in a 3 bedroom end terrace at the moment and although we do have the option to extend, this will cost us thousands of pounds. I don't have a designated office space at the moment but would LOVE this in the near future so I am certainly going to look into this. I think this would really help me to keep my work and home life separate too. I'm sure many families struggling to find a bigger home will certainly make the most of storage facilities in 2016, but thankfully there are many benefits to keeping your belongings off-site.

I think working outside of the home would certainly improve my work-life balance (and there would be no more blogging from my bedroom)

Do you have any experiences of using somewhere unique as a home office? I would love to hear your ideas and inspiration.

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  1. This is so true, and so depressing. We have a cellar full of baby things - cot, travel cot, car seat, baby clothes - and we are so lucky to have that space. Our rooms in this terrace are so small, we've loads of furniture in there too. We can't quite foresee ever being to afford to buy anywhere much bigger.


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