Lonely planet kids books - the perfect gift for children who ask questions

During our recent half term holiday we stayed in a caravan in Scotland. A whole week without wifi meant that our children would be keen to read some new books (hooray!) and I knew this would be the perfect time to enoy a selection of new lonely planet kids books we had been sent.

You Rule - Create Your Own Country

This was my personal favourite - it is a complete guide to creating your own country and can easily be dipped in and out of. Everything is covered from land borders to taxation, law, flags and culture and children are encouraged to create their own mini country in their own bedroom. I think this really is the book to buy to encourage future world leaders and it certainly provided lots of food for thought for our 9 year old. Over to Harry to tell you what he thought:-

The Travel Book

The Travel Book is a lovely hardback book that should be a staple in everyone's bookcase. With one A4 page dedicated to every country in the world there is lots to learn and discover. I imagine whenever the children are learning about a particular country at school, this will be their new go-to resource. The book is filled with bright images and fun facts and I loved the country cards at the top of every page giving you the country's vital statistics. During our trip to Scotland we used this book to research the country and learned all about Robert Burns and the Loch Ness Monster. Here is Heidi to tell you more:-

Adventures Around The Globe

Adventures Around the Globe is a fantastic activity book from Lonely Planet Kids packed with over 60 pages of fun and over 250 stickers. The activities are wide ranging from spotting the difference in the souks to creating your own safari scene with stickers. There is a wide range of material covered - you can be designing a Hawaiian shirt on one page and then creating a Rio carnival mask on the next. there is even a press out globe. This book is lots of fun for any globe-trotting tot and the perfect book to pack in your child's hand luggage on your next adventure. Here's Jack to tell you more:-

How to be an international spy

This book was another favourite of mine and perfect for older children. All aspects of being a spy are covered from instructions to make your own invisible ink to the cold war. There are lots of hands on activities from creating a fingerprinting kit and night vision glasses to understanding the morse code. More complex issues are discussed too from encryption and malware to your digital footprint. The history of spying and spies around the world are also brought to life and I love the various profiles of real life spies. Here is Harry to tell you more:-

We love filling our bookcase with high quality books that will stand the test of time and usually buy ours from Usborne - I have to say though I have been really impressed with the quality of these books from Lonely Planet Kids and the way that they manage to discuss often complex issues on a level children will understand without being condescending. I am certainly going to look out for more books from the range in future and will be adding a few to our children's Christmas list this year (Adventures in smelly places and How to be a Dinosaur Hunter look particularly cool).

Have you read any Lonely Planet Kids books? Which one do you like the look of?


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  1. Great books for kids. They will surely enjoy and learn something from these books.


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