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Road rage - do you suffer?

Road rage is something I know I am guilty of and travelling up and down the country this summer certainly prompted me to shout out on more than one occasion. There are some things I don't mind too much - road works, traffic jams and bad parking I can deal with. There are two things I cannot that really, really drive me up the wall though:-

1 - Tailgating - I think this is so dangerous, especially when we have children in the car and there is space to overtake, it doesn't get you do your destination any quicker and I just don't see the point of it? It really drives me mad and actually makes me a scared when I see people doing it.

2 - Lorries overtaking - why oh why do lorries do this on dual carriageways when they are only driving about 1 mph faster than the lorry they are overtaking? As they are restricted to driving 56 mph it really holds up the traffic behind them and although it is probably irrational, it really is what causes me the most road rage!

Jennings Motor Group have put together a fun quiz to test your own level of tolerance on the roads. It seems that I am about average with my score telling me I am 1% calmer than the other people who have taken the test.

Brought to you by Jennings Motor Group

Why not take the test yourself to see where your rage ranks and share the results on facebook or twitter? Don't forget to let me know your score and what it is that causes you the most road rage.

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  1. My results:
    "YOUR SCORE: 61 / 100

    You are 3% calmer than the average person who tried the Road Rage Ranker.
    You're right on the edge and getting dangerously close to the road rage zone. The next person to cut you up on a roundabout had better watch their bumper…"

    -Haha I thought this was a really good test to try out, when I'm in the car on my own I get myself really worked up some days haha, found this so relatable and amusing to read the descriptions that go with it, thanks for sharing Sam, be interesting to see what other people get too :)



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