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A quick lunch at The Pavilion, Backworth

We are at that time of our lives where trips to ikea and B&Q seem to be more and more frequent and dare I say it, actually enjoyable! Yes, we have even been known to make a day of it! We are clearly getting old. The food options at both of these places are very limited however (although I really can't resist a 9 item ikea breakfast and unlimited coffee for £2.25)

The Pavilion in Backworth is less than 3 miles away from B&Q and just off the A19 near the Cobalt Business Park. When we lived in Wallsend we used to be frequent visitors however we realised we hadn't visited for a good few years so decided to pop in on our latest B&Q jaunt. 

The Pavilion is a SJF pub (who also own Cafe Royal in Newcastle city centre) however it really does not feel like a chain and has a modern but cosy feel.

We decided to order from the express lunch menu and both decided on a hot roast beef stottie with gravy and fries. Our roast beef was tender and actually tasted like it had been carved from a joint of beef in the kitchen rather than frozen and re-heated, the stottie was fresh and soft and the jug of gravy a welcome (if messy) addition. The fries were lovely and crisp and very well seasoned. Lunch was definitely good value for money at only £6.50 per head plus drinks.

The Pavilion was fairly busy for a lunchtime during our visit with a few people holding meetings in the bar and a mix of couples, families and friends meeting for lunch. There were a few offers that really caught our eye and mean we'll probably be back sooner rather than later:-

Kids also EAT FREE every day throughout half term - a deal certainly worth considering.

The Pavilion Bar and Grill
Backworth Business Park
NE27 0BJ

Phone: 0191 268 0711



  1. Ooh you should've got the sweet potato fries with that stottie! Delicious:) I love the pavilion; I just wish the beer garden was enclosed from the car park so I could go with the kids!

    1. Ah man! We only read the lunch menu so didn't realise they served fries! Next time!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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