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5 flexible careers for young parents

If you’re a young parent, you might be looking for a job that fits around childcare arrangements, study or both. I know that it’s really not easy balancing parenthood with work and flexible jobs can be so hard to come by. Luckily for me, I have been able to work from home which has been perfect when my children have been small (read this if you fancy doing the same and setting up your own blog). I know blogging isn't for everyone though, so if you're struggling to find flexible work why not consider one of these options:-

1. Call centre work

Call centre work is a great way to make some extra cash while bringing up little ones as you can often choose which hours you want to work. While some people prefer to man the phones in the day while their children are at school, others would prefer to work in the evening once the youngsters are tucked up in bed. Everyone is different, but with call centre recruitment agencies such as CCJM looking to place talented individuals in both full and part-time roles, you should be able to find something that fits around your lifestyle. My husband works in a call centre and him working 12 hour shifts has worked for us. We always joke that he can never leave as the benefits are so good!

2. Freelance writing

If you have an excellent command of the English language and are always churning out stories in your spare time, a career as a freelance writer might be something to consider. Not only is this extremely flexible but you can even work from home meaning you won’t have to worry about finding a suitable childminder for your children. Not sure where to start? Then why not research media agencies or content creation companies and see if they need freelance writers to help with SEO articles? If that yields no results, you could always send sample work to Copify or bid for work via sites like Freelancer.

Writing from home works for me!

3. Freelance web designer

Again, if you’ve got an eye for web design, doing this on a freelance basis could be the way forward. While talent is certainly necessary, you must also be able to network with the right people, meet deadlines, and research what it takes to become a success in the freelance world – after all, there are many individuals out there who will take work out of your hands if you don’t do it properly. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to create an elevator pitch that will sell your services to companies and start advertising online or locally in shops and newspapers. 

4. Become a babysitter

If you have young children at home, you could also think about becoming a professional childminder. Not only is this practical with little ones of your own to look after but as you’ll be around during the day you won’t need to pay out nursery fees for your cheeky monkeys. Sound like a plan? Then be sure to register with Ofsted as this is the law for all childcare providers in the UK. In fact, there are two registers you must apply to: the Early Years Register to look after children aged five and under and the Childcare Register to look after five to seven. 

5. Teacher/classroom assistant

Just because you’re a young parent doesn’t mean you need to give up on your dreams. So, if you’ve always wanted to work with children or become a teacher/teaching assistant – then go for it. While there’s sure to be a lot of hard work involved, particularly if you’re not yet qualified, you’ll reap the benefits when you land the job of your dreams. After all, you’ll have the school holidays, including the lengthy summer breaks, to spend with your own family.

There are many flexible careers out there that will help make being a young parent easier and allow you to earn whilst juggling your caring responsibilities, so it’s well worth looking into the ones mentioned above.


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