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Cleaning Tips from ‘Old Fashioned’ Housewives

It may not be spring any more but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your house a good cleaning to get rid of dust, dirt, clutter and to reduce the presence of nasty bacteria which can trigger allergies. 

For a good classic cleaning regime you may wish to consider calling in the professionals at Molly Maid domestic cleaning services, who will come into your home and battle all of that nasty grime and unsightly mess so that you don’t have to. Some of the cleaners use many old style traditional cleaning methods, which prove that the ‘old fashioned’ way might well be the best way. Here are some of these classic tips that you can use to spruce up your home:


It is common belief amongst housewives, then and now, that newspapers give windows the best shine possible. To achieve this classic result, first clean your windows using warm water, washing up liquid and a few drops of white vinegar. Once completed, polish the surface with newspaper and you will be left with windows that shine brightly and let a lot more sunlight into the room.

Kitchen Cupboards

Our kitchen countertops and cupboards can accumulate a great deal of grease and grime over time. According to Daily Mail the best way to battle these stains is to use two parts water, one part distilled white vinegar and some lemon juice. Use a cloth and begin scrubbing from top to bottom. This cuts through the grease and will leave your kitchen looking fresher than ever.


Cleaning brass is most effectively achieved by using salt and a dose of white vinegar as the main solution. This super-duo team injects shine back into dull brass that has faded in lustre over time. Scrub gently and use circular motions so that the result will look seamless.

Fresh Fridge

Have you ever opened the door of your fridge and caught the whiff of something stale and for lack of a better word, smelly? A natural deodoriser that housewives have been using for decades is a scooped out lemon shell filled with salt. Place this at the furthest corner of your fridge and you will have an instantly fresher atmosphere.


Cleaning inside the microwave can be a little tricky, especially if food residue has accumulated on the interior walls. Fill a cup with water and heat it inside the microwave for a few short minutes. This will leave food residue loosening up so it’s easier to clean, thanks to the rising steam from the heated water.

Tea Stains

Tea stains are regular household stains. To clean this away from the inside of a cup or mug, rub bicarbonate of soda and then rinse with clean water. The tea stain should lift easily without much force.


A lot of these cleaning tips will require the use of a dishcloth, but these can act as incubators for breeding germs and bacteria. According to the BBC, an average dishcloth contains a million times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Wash them in the washing machine often and renew them on a regular basis.

Do you have any old fashioned tips that work for you?

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  1. So many useful tips! I tried once to clean the windows with newspaper, but didn't clean the way I expected. Perhaps I did something wrong. The rest of the tips are priceless. Thanks for sharing!


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