Imaginext Power Rangers Morphing Megazord

It was Jack's first week at school this week so when an email popped into our inbox asking us if he would like to road test an Imaginext Power Rangers Morphing Megazord I just had to say yes. We are already HUGE Power Rangers fans in this house and I knew Jack would be pleased as punch to have his very own Power Rangers Toy and he deserved a little treat this week.

As you can see he is super happy!

The first thing that struck me is how big the Megazord is - much larger than I was expecting but this is no bad thing.

All three of my children (aged 4,6 and 8) were interested in playing with the toy and because it has been standing by our bookcase all week, they have played with it every morning before school.

The Megazord has various features including a Sabertooth chomping foot, flashing eyes and a hidden projectile launcher. The best part for Jack was being able to open the Megazord's chest to fire the cannon.

You receive two power rangers and various weapons with Megazord. 

It wasn't long before Harry and Heidi decided to create their own game - Megazord vs Castle.

Of course the Megazord won!

Jack's friends popped over through the week and were SO impressed with the Megazord. So much so that their mum is going to pop it on their Christmas list. I think it is definitely going to be a must-have toy this year.

The Megazord will set you back £62.99 from Argos which at first I thought was expensive but once I saw the size of it and the amount of fun Harry, Heidi and Jack have had playing with it, I think it is worth this price tag. It is big enough to be classed as a 'main' Christmas present. You can also buy other toys in the range to compliment the Megazord and Heidi has her sights set on the pink power ranger.

The Imaginext Power Rangers Morphing Megazord is aimed at children aged 3-8 years old. I think this has been judged perfectly and it has been enjoyed equally by both the boys and girls in our house this week. I love how it has inspired them to use their imagination and create their own worlds and battles with other toys they already have AND they have played together very nicely (well most of the time).



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