Our Youtube Journey so far

Did you know that Youtube is the world's second largest search engine? I don't know about you but my children watch more youtube than actual tv these days and I think this trend is here to stay. That is why I have started making short youtube videos - they are only a few minutes long but hopefully allow you to experience more than simple words and photographs on a page. You can subscribe to our youtube channel here:-  Subscribe to North East Family Fun

You may have also noticed that every Monday I have been publishing a travel youtube linky where people can link up their travel and days out videos - I have loved watching everyone's videos so far and hope you have too. From next week I will be changing this to a monthly link up so there will always be a place to link up your videos.

I shoot all of my videos from my iPhone 6 and edit using iMovie on my Macbook Pro with free music downloaded from Youtube. I have also just purchased a go pro camera and hope to start experimenting this week! Here are our Youtube Video highlights so far. If you enjoy them, don't forget to hit subscribe! 

Video One - Free Spineless Exhibition at Great North Museum, Newcastle

Video Two - The highlights from our long weekend in Blackpool

Video Three - A family trip to The Lakes Distillery

Video Four  - Sunderland Airshow with DFDS Seaways

Video Five - Our day at Edinburgh Zoo

Video Six - Waterside View Cottage, Alnmouth

Which video is your favourite? Subscribe to our Youtube Channel here:- www.youtube.com/user/Northeastfamilyfun


  1. Love your videos - a bit behind on my subscriptions as ever! Interested to hear what you think of the Go Pro...

    1. AH man it was out of battery and we stupidly didn't pack the correct wire to charge!! It will have to wait for our next adventure x

  2. I'm surprised that Youtube is the largest search engine! I guess it's because nobody researches things conventionally anymore, it's always pinterest and blogs and youtube to see if they will like a product!

    Natasha Kendall | Beauty and Lifestyle

  3. Eekk sounds like your having a wonderful time exploring youtube and making some great videos as well! Love them! x

  4. These videos are great, I have just made my first one and loved making it but it was hard work working out how to do it!! Well done!

  5. I did not know that! Looking forward to checking out your videos :)

  6. The Sunderland Air Show was amazing, wasn't it?! I'm also going to Edinburgh Zoo tomorrow too. :P Will definitely be checking out your awesome channel.

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty


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