Technology has changed my life!

I left home 12 years ago at the tender age of 19 and can honestly not believe how much technology has changed our lives in this short space of time. I thought it would be interesting to think about exactly how much technology has changed in the last decade or so:-

Mobile Phones

In 2003 a Nokia 3310 was the phone to be seen with. Hours could be spent playing snake and although I wasn't as good as this person and never managed to finish a perfect game of snake, it certainly stole a few hundred hours of my life. Fast forward to today and mobile phones are more like miniature computers. My iPhone 6 is honestly like my portable office - I use it to connect with our facebook followers every single day, I can shoot and edit videos and upload them to our youtube channel, take gorgeous photographs to share on instagram, email on the move, order, track and pay for a taxi and even use my phone as a Sat Nav. The iPhone is most definitely one of the most innovative pieces of technology I own.


Our first tv in 2003 cost us £699 which was a whole months worth of wages for me at the time. It was bulky, didn't have a flat screen and only had 5 channels - we did eventually get sky tv installed but it was just a basic feature - no sky+ as standard as it is now.

Today our TV is amazing - thanks to sky+ we can pause and rewind tv, watch again, download entire boxsets, record tv and watch tv whenever we want. Gone are the days of the entire nation sitting down at 8pm to watch Eastenders! Sky+ isn't even enough for us now though. We also have apple tv which allows us to stream pretty much anything from our phone, ipad or Mac to our tv (great for gaming and youtube videos) long with netflix via a playstation which lets us access thousands of movies and tv shows - the days of popping to the video shop are certainly long gone.

Televison in 2003

Television in 2015

Home appliances

The way we control technology in our home is entirely different now to how it was 12 years ago. I am pretty sure our first boiler didn't even have a timer! Our heating system at home is now operated wirelessly via it's own smarthub that stands on our fireplace.  Our traditional kettle has now been replaced with a fancy coffee machine and even our floor cleaning has been taken care of thanks to a robot.

So these are what I think have been the top technology innovations of the decade. Times have certainly changed and I do wonder what I will be writing about in another 12 years time (lets hope it's nothing like Humans which made it's channel 4 debut this week). Thanks to this post from Legal & General for inspiring me to write this article.


  1. I find it kinda terrifying sometimes how much technology progressed in the short time we've been alive. I do like that we're the perfect age to remember
    life before technology very well yet we can still appreciate it in our lives now x

    1. Yes we are! I remember still having one landline and that was the only way to communicate with friends - and even then it could only be after 6pm for 59 minutes! LOL

  2. It is amazing and slightly scary isn't it - I already marvel that my daughter takes things like Skype for granted (she thinks it's broken if she can't see the person she's talking to) but it still seems impressive and new to me!

  3. My son dug out my box of cassette tapes the other day. He was amazed they had two sides and that you could record on them! It was so funny but made me aware how much he takes technology for granted

    1. LOL cassette tapes were fab! Remember when you put cellotape over them when you didn't want to record over something!


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