My dream duvet day

People without children this is my advice - make the most of your duvet days now as once you have children they are few and far between! Even on the occasions our children sleep out at grandparents there are always so many other things to do that a duvet day isn't anywhere near the top of our list of priorities.The lovely people from Eve Mattress know a thing or two about making your bed as comfy as possible and have asked us to describe our dream duvet day so I am going to escape for an hour or so as I write this post and indulge myself even if it will never happen!

Our dream duvet day

First of all, our dream duvet day wouldn't happen at home. I know if I was in my own bedroom I would always have the nagging feeling at the back of my mind telling me to put a load of washing on, wash the dishes or do some work. For complete relaxation I would head somewhere in the Country like these luxury yurts at Acorn Glade in Yorkshire. There would be no outside noise other than a few birds tweeting. Perfect!

 How gorgeous does this bed look!

My duvet day would begin with a much needed lie in followed by fresh coffee and breakfast in bed. Below is a picture of the breakfast in bed we had on our wedding day - warm croissants, freshly ground coffee, continental meats and cheeses, toasts and homemade jams, freshly squeezed juice and a full English. Perfect!

My ultimate duvet day would involve some screen free time in the morning - I am guilty of constantly checking my phone and tapping away replying to emails throughout the day - it would be lovely to have a morning completely free of this and being able to read a book which is something I rarely get to do. I have a pile of books in my bedroom that are waiting to be read and I would love the chance to escape the world for half a day through a book.

Nothing beats a box-set marathon so in the afternoon I am sure I would love to be transported right back to my early twenties and watch old episodes of FRIENDS on repeat. They never get tired and are perfect to watch in your PJ's (with a side of crisps and chocolate).

Finally, I have NEVER eaten a takeaway in bed but if this is my dream duvet day I'm talking about I would give myself permission to order a pizza - I wonder if anyone would deliver right to the bed so I wouldn't even need to get up??

My dream duvet day would end with an early night and every parent's greatest wish - a good night's sleep with no interruptions and the chance to wake up naturally rather than when a child pokes you in the eye! Haha! What do you think? I'd love to hear about your dream duvet day. 



  1. I'm definitely with you on the needing to be away from home to relax thing! I find it impossible to duvet day at home, I'll announce I'm having one and then 5 minutes later I'll be up doing laundry, I just can't help myself!

    1. Yep! Me too! There is just too much in the back of your mind at home!

  2. Oh no! I could definitely do a duvet day at home - but then, no children makes it easy!

    I'm sure you could manage a pizza in bed at home, even if you couldn't do the whole day :-D

    1. This is true - although not sure if the mummy guilt would take over??

    2. A duvet day sounds like bliss, I'm not sure Holly would approve though.


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