Taking your children to visit famous Sports Grounds

Yesterday marked the start of Wimbledon - definitely one of the sporting highlights of my year. It is actually a childhood dream of mine that I will win tickets via the ticket ballot at some point in my life. I've been trying for years with no luck but I always have hope! If I could choose any sporting venue to visit, Wimbledon would definitely be high up on my list and I would just LOVE to take the children one day. For now however, we will stick to supporting Andy Murray from the comfort of our sofa with the obligatory bowl of strawberries.

We have been inspired by this 'Name That Sports Ground' quiz to think about other Sports Grounds we have visited and to think if our children have gained from the experience.

Football grounds feature pretty high on our list and a trip to Nou Camp has been one of our family's all-time favourite trips. Although I am personally not a football fan, it certainly is inspiring walking amongst all of those trophies and I'm pretty sure our family trip had something to do with Harry winning a trophy of his own back at home.

Stadium visits certainly seem popular - I posted on our facebook page to ask for photographs featuring family visits to Sporting Grounds and it is clear to see how much fun a visit can be for kids and grown ups alike.
Thanks Louise for this photo from a trip to The Stadium of Light

Our own trip to St James' Park a few years ago

Thanks Susan for this shot from Dunstanburgh Golf Course

Love this hot tub photo of Emirates Durham International Cricket Ground from Life In Geordieland

Another photo from Rachel enjoying the Basketball at Northumbria Uni

Thanks Angela for this photo enjoying Rugby League with the family at St James' Park

Tammy's daughter at Northern Gymnastics

So, back to the quiz. Unfortunately we only managed a bronze medal - we guessed just 3/10 sporting grounds correctly! Have you visited any sporting grounds with your children? Has it inspired them to join in or take up new sports themselves? You can take the quiz with your own family too - make sure you let us know how you get on.



  1. Aw thanks for including my pictures Samantha, we've got some great sporting grounds in the North East. I've also been lucky enough to visit Old Trafford and the Nou Camp and really enjoyed both (despite not being a massive footy fan!) x

    1. I really need to make an effort to take the kids to watch more live sport now they're older.


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