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Cheestrings and Yollies have teamed up together to create the Brave Bones Club as a place where all young adventurers can come to play!
And right now the Brave Bones Club are giving you the chance to go on a unique adventure with Steve Backshall! Four lucky girls and boys aged 6-14 years old will be selected to win this fantastic prize.

Prize includes:- 
  • A once-in-a-lifetime adventure with legendary explorer, Steve Backshall
  • You’ll get to spend four incredible days exploring the outdoors with Steve and star in brand-new Brave Bones Club video series!
  • Travel costs, refreshments and accommodation will be covered where necessary
  • The adventure videos will be shown on Fun Kids Live website, First News website, The Brave Bones Club website and Brave Bones Club YouTube channel. The edited content will be provided to you to show your family and friends.
Please check full terms and conditions on individual competition pages.

Over to Steve himself who will tell you more about the competition and the adventures the winner will enjoy in this short video below:-

There are two ways to enter to win this fantastic prize:- 

1 - Watch the video then complete this competition entry form with Fun kids live

2 - Watch the video and design your own Brave Bones Club badge with First News (click here to download the badge template and instructions).

Our entry

The Steve Backshall partnership is with The Brave Bones Club, which is an initiative set up by Cheestrings and Yollies to encourage people to have safe but brave adventures. We decided to explore our garden and take inspiration from there to design our own badges. (If you need any extra inspiration check out some of the current badges here - we loved the pongy sock press up badge!)

Big Bones Club Badge

Crazy Cartwheel Badge

Heidi loves nothing better than going outside and practising her cartwheels so she decided to design a 'Crazy Cartwheel Badge'.

Big Bones Club Competition

Big Bones Club Competition

Big Bike Ride Badge

Harry's favourite outdoor activity is riding his bike so he decided to design his own 'Big Bike Ride Badge'
Big Bones Club Competition

Big Bones Club Competition

Big Bones Club Competition

Bendy Beanstalk Badge

Jack is too young to enter the competition but was still encouraged to explore outside with his brother and sister. He is growing his own beanstalk (which is a little bendy) so wanted to design a 'Bendy Beanstalk badge'.
Big Bones Club Competition

Big Bones Club Competition

Big Bones Club Competition

Big Bones Club Competition

What do you think? Even if your children don't win, The Brave Bones Club is still a fantastic source of inspiration to encourage your children outside for their next adventure.

Remember to enter via Fun Kids Live (entries must be received by 29th May 2015) and First News (entries must be received by 1st June 2015) to double your chances of winning.

Good luck!


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  1. What an amazing prize! Bendy beanstalk is my favourite badge!


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