Yorkshire Week - House of Trembling Madness

Welcome to day 2 of Yorkshire week - A full 7 days dedicated to my favourite Yorkshire reviews and recommendations. Today's post is brought to you by Tasha from Hello Freckles and features a quirky and quaint place to eat in York.

Earlier this month we enjoyed a family day trip to York for my Mam's birthday. I've been to York a fair few times now and it always reminds me of Durham with the cobbled streets and some quirky shops. Usually when I've visited before I've dined in chain restaurants like Nando's and Byron Burgers, but this time we went to an independent little pub to see what they could offer.

Hidden above the Trembling Madness store, on Stonegate in York City Centre, is a small pub, with an old English feel to it. I'll put it out there right now, taxidermy and animal heads kinda creep me out, a lot, so I wasn't too keen on the wall display. That aside, the pub did have a charm about it.

The House of Trembling Madness serves a range of beers which are also available to buy in the shop downstairs. I had a browse and there were so many to choose from, from your more typical Brooklyn Brewery to Einstock, La Trappe and many more. I spotted a strawberry beer and a few obscure flavours too, so I guess there's something to suit all beer/ale tastes! 

I shared the huge Yorkshire Platter with my Mam and we had a bowl of salad each too! I even tried a pickle which isn't something I would usually do. I'm the kinda girl who takes the pickles and gherkins off burgers and discards them with the tomatoes. The ones on the platter weren't too strong and the taste worked well with the cheese. I tried charcoal cheese for the first time (and black pudding - accidentally - as it was on the top of one of the pork pies) which just looks odd but tastes great. Cheese tends to be a shade of yellow or orange, sometimes with a bit of blue, but I'd never seen black cheese before. Obviously looking at it, I was a bit hesitant to try it, but it just tasted like a mild cheddar. Not sure I'll be running out to buy some to eat with my crackers and olives any time soon, but if I order another platter, I'll definitely eat it.

My Dad and sister, Lucy both had a  Mad Burger ( Dad had blue cheese and Lucy had smokey ). It's unusual that they served the burgers with a salad bowl rather than chips, but then again, the burgers were pretty large. The burgers were around £6/6.50 each and the platter £9, so very good value for the size of the meals. 

If you're passing by the House of Trembling Madness, it's definitely worth a visit, even if you just pop in for a drink. We visited around 12:30/1pm on a Friday and not long after we arrived, it was very busy. Since it's quite small, I'd recommend going along early if you can.

Where's your favourite place to eat in York?

Thanks Tasha for a lovely review - definitely one to try if you can tear me away from Betty's


  1. Another fab place to try in York next time we visit. Thanks for sharing! :)


  2. Ooh that platter looks lovely! I love York so close but feels like a million miles away with its amazing shops and sights

  3. This looks like a lovely place to go to and I really like that the burgers come with salad xxx

  4. When I'm next in York, will definitely put this on my list to visit as it looks lovely! Oh, and how can you discard the pickles and gherkins?! They're the best parts! :-) Yum!


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