Yorkshire Week - Angelica's and Crafthouse, Leeds

Today's feature is from Krissi from Miss K everyday which is a North East lifestyle blog. Her post features a girly catch up in Leeds (jealous!). I hope you enjoy:-

Leeds was the perfect destination for a much needed catch up with my previous work colleagues who I have got back in touch with in the last twelve months. We previously worked together 10 years ago and all get on so well - I just don't know how I lost touch with these treasures!

It's safe to say we all enjoy the finer things in life including lovely bars and nice food.... Mrs P booked our locations and our day couldn't have been more perfect!

We started at Angelica which is situated within the Trinity shopping centre. I still think of Trinity as pretty new and I have to be honest I had to get someone to come and meet me as I had no idea where to go! I think the views from the top of Harvey Nichols is really good of Leeds but the views from Angelica were even better. 

It was chilly but a lovely day on Saturday so we enjoyed a great view from all sides of the bar from both inside and out. We decided to sit by the bar inside as it was nice to be in the middle of the buzzing atmosphere. It was pretty busy in there at 3pm and there were no tables free but we didn't mind.

We enjoyed a few cocktails whilst we caught up on a years worth of news and gossip since we met up last before we headed downstairs to Crafthouse for a meal. There was a handy spiral staircase within the bar which took us straight into the restaurant.

We were sat on the left hand side of the restaurant next to window which was lovely, we ended up choosing from the three course set menu which at £22 per person offered very good value for money. The service was flawless and exceeded our expectations. 

We made friends with the bartender which resulted in ordering lots of cocktails and I even managed to order off menu for my favourite Espresso Martini.

Here are a few pictures of the food -

The butternut squash soup it was delicious

Vegetarian option -  it was very fresh and light

I originally ordered a chicken dish and it did taste nice but Mrs H and I decided to swap which turned out for the best, I really enjoyed the vegetarian pie.

Some of the sides, nice but nothing out of the ordinary

This was the best Creme Brûlée I have ever tasted, so nice and perfect

I will definitely be returning to both Angelica's and Crafthouse - its nice to find somewhere new to go and these are both hidden gems I would love to visit again.

If you are in Leeds for the weekend I would recommend trying them out. If you don't fancy a formal meal Miss AT has been to Angelica's for lunch before and said it was also yummy which is good to know.

Thank you so much Krissi for this review - I now want to book a girls day in Leeds pronto!


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  1. £22 for a 3 course meal! thats amazing value and looks amazing :)


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