I Believe in Unicorns at Northern Stage

Last night myself and my daughter Heidi (aged 6) spent the most wonderful evening together at Northern Stage where we were transfixed by the beautiful storytelling and words of I Believe in Unicorns. Bought to you by Theatre Alibi, you can buy still tickets here for performances at Northern Stage on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

The hour long performance is aimed at  6-12 year olds but I personally think it is a fantastic show for grown ups too (and I think the two ladies sat next to us would agree).

I Believe in Unicorns is an adaption of Michael Morpurgo's much loved book. Michael is perhaps best known for his bestselling War Horse and his role as children's laureate between 2003-2005. He has a reputation for creating rich tales that will keep you hanging on for more and this was certainly the case tonight.

I Believe in Unicorns tells the tale of Tomas who like his father would prefer to be enjoying outdoor adventures to reading a good book. This all changes when one magical night he reluctantly visits the library where tales of unicorns, war and family are all brought to life in a poignant and captivating way.

The stories that are told do have serious and often sad messages (especially The little match girl which has to be the most beautiful interpretation of a story told through puppetry that I've even seen) but are handled with great sensitivity and all have an uplifting message with the overall theme being that we only have one life and we should make sure we live it. There are plenty of laughs and giggles to be had throughout and we giggled as imaginary chickens were chased on stage, goats were squashed into Noah's arc and 'little snottys' were introduced.

Wonderfully acted by Derek Frood, Cerianne Roberts, Ben Worth and musician Thomas Johnson, you forget there are only four people on set as a plethora of characters take to the stage (with Cerianne as the librarian being my favourite - her stage presence was superb). The show closed with rapturous applause and we had all been on such a journey with the characters on stage that I couldn't believe we had only been in our seats for an hour.

I Believe in Unicorns really is storytelling at it's absolute best. We left the show with an extra warmth in our heart and we had definitely been touched by magic. All of the way home we discussed how we believed in Unicorn's too and next time we are at the beach we will be scouring the sand for hoof prints I'm sure. Heidi loved the show so much that she has taken the programme into school this morning to tell her teacher all about it.

The Northern Stage is pretty quickly becoming my favourite place to watch theatre with the family - the staff are always super friendly and accommodating, our view has always been fantastic wherever we've been sitting and a programme and two pre-show soft drinks in the bar only set us back £3.50!

You can find details of up coming shows here:- What's on at Northern Stage.



  1. What a lovely review, it sounds fantastic. Definitely somewhere to add to the list when Jack and Emily are a little older!

    1. It was a fantastic show - The Northern stage is a lovely theatre for little ones and they have lots of family shows on throughout the year - I would highly recommend their Christmas shows too - we are still talking about last years today!


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