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Regular readers of my blog will know that I am NOT a crafter. I am a bit like Chloe from New Girl in Toon (check out her recent attempt at crafting here) and I wouldn't exactly describe crafting as a hobby of mine. There is something that may change my mind though and that is the chance to craft for charity rather than donate money. It is even something you can get the children involved with too.

Heidi being creative and making some peg dolls

There are numerous charities up and down the country that you can get involved with once you’ve bought in all your supplies to get crafting with. Craft Superstore stock a huge selection of craft materials and kits to suit all budgets.

Making for Charity encourages helpers to create syringe driver bags for people who carry around a Syringe Driver to administer painkiller medication through a small needle or cannula, which is placed under the skin.

To help you could create some fun looking and attractive bags for patients, using these Syringe Drivers, to help them feel comfortable and even stylish carrying around a bag with their medication. The charity can provide instructions on how to put the bags together, which are made out of simple and inexpensive cotton fabric.

Or why not look out for local events taking place, such as Spring fairs and school fetes, and if you are a keen baker set up a stall selling an array of yummy treats, with your profits going to a chosen charity or even a school afterwards. Tell people what you are doing at the event and those cakes should sell faster than well… hot cakes.
Alternatively, if you can’t fit in any time for charitable crafting this year, then why not take some inspiration from a vicar in North Yorkshire, who decided to hand out £10 to each member of his congregation, urging them to do something charitable with the money? Some people went away and baked cakes for the homeless, bought cans of dog food to donate to a local animal shelter and took neighbours and friends out to dinner. It’s a story of human kindness where people, instead of pocketing the tenner like many might have expected, did something good with it.

What do you think? Have you been inspired to craft for a good cause?



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