A new wine to try this Summer

I have been married to Steve for 9 years now (wow!) and our tastes have certainly changed over the years. It is hard to believe that when I first met him we would never drink wine at home or in restaurants and used to prefer a treble vodka and redbull over a glass of champagne! The only time I probably enjoyed wine was a cheeky glass of rose before a night out with the girls.

Times change though an now as responsible parents in our 30's our tastes have certainly grown more refined. It is no secret that I do enjoy regular nights out with my hubby but due to work commitments/the fact we have three children at home/lack of money this doesn't happen every week. We still do like to make the best of our time together though and this is usually in the form of a nice bottle of wine and takeaway.

This weekend, we decided to try something new and selected a bottle of Picpoul de Pinet after reading this recommendation from Olly Smith. At only £8.95 from Roberson Wine it does not break the bank but still feels like a weekend treat.

We aren't wine experts by any means but really enjoyed this wine and think it would be wonderful enjoyed on a warm Summer evening. Experts recommend it to be served with seafood - we couldn't get our hands on any oysters this weekend but if you can - I think they'd be a wonderful match to this wine.

We found Picpoul de Pinet to be very easy drinking and best served perfectly chilled. It is a real crowd pleaser and is surprisingly inexpensive when compared to other French brands such as Chablis or Bordeaux.

Have you tried any new wines recently? I would love to have some more recommendations to try.


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