Meal Planning Monday

Here's our plan for this week:-

Monday - Lemon Chicken and rice

Tuesday - Duck and Orange salad (this is a fast day for me)

Wednesday - Homemade afternoon tea with the girls for me (I'm in charge of cake) and spaghetti and                       meatballs for Steve and kids

Thursday - Steak and chips

Friday - Homemade Burgers and Milkshakes

Saturday - Kids at Grannies, night at pub for us!

Sunday - Fast day for me. Think we'll have homemade thai soup

My mission to keep our grocery budget under £90 worked last week so I am hoping for the same this week. Our freezer is bursting with meat so meat-wise I only need to buy Duck this week. My store cupboard is also pretty full so I should easily stick to our budget this week. Our night at the pub needs to be included though so I'll be looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful!



  1. ive never thought ot plan a meal before , i basically do my monthly shop and make a decision when it all arrives what we are having day to day yet we always have something new and fresh each day x

    1. Oh it saves lots of money and time meal planning (well - when you stick to it! LOL)

  2. Yum! Everything sounds fantastic! I really like the sound of the Duck and Orange salad x

  3. Homemade burgers and milkshakes sound ace. have a good week!

    1. Thank you - perfect for a Friday night treat I think! x


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