How to add a linky badge to the bottom of your post (using blogger)

In the parenting blogging community, linkys are widely used and most parenting bloggers have used them at some point in their lives. However this isn't really the case for other types of bloggers or new bloggers and I know it can be confusing. I run two monthy linky's - #LoveNorthEast (for posts featuring the North East) and #TravelTales (for travel posts). Linky's are a fab place for discovering new blogs and for yours to be discovered and I would love for more people to link up and add our badge to allow these linkys to grow which is why I've created this guide.

When joining in with a linky, one of the rules is usually to include a linky badge on the bottom of the post you are featuring. This directs people back to the host's linky page and hopefully makes it easier to find.

So, without further ado, here is how you add the badge:-

1 - Head to the linky page and copy the code that is underneath the linky badge. Make sure you scroll and get the whole code.

2 - In the draft mode of your post, scroll to the bottom of your page and make sure your cursor is at the very bottom

3 - Switch from 'compose' to 'html' mode

4 - You will see something like this below. I usually press enter a few times so there is a clear space between the end of my post and the place I am about to paste to.

5 - Double check your cursor is at the bottom of your page, click paste to paste the badge code at the bottom of your post and then revert back to 'compose' mode by clicking on the 'compose' button at the top of the page.

6 - Your badge may be quite far down your page so just reposition as you would a normal photo (ie delete spaces between text and photo). 

7 - You can then optimise the badge like you would any other photograph by right clicking on the image. I always like to change all of my images to 'large' and have them aligned to the centre but that is just personal preference.

8 - All done! It looks way more complicated than it is and after a few times you will be able to do it with your eyes closed. Hit publish and when you click on the badge button it should take you straight to the linky.




  1. Thank you so much for this, as you know I have been blogging for years but I've yet to do a linky!!

    1. Thanks - there are some lovely linky's out there to join in with - you might like Coombe Mill - Country Kids. All about getting out and enjoying outdoor space with your family x

  2. Thanks - do you have any idea how you do this in Wordpress? The same options don't seem to be there, so although it's easy to add a badge to my sidebar, I've always been a bit baffled about putting it on a post (usually have to save the image and link manually which isn't too complex but I'm pretty sure there must be an easier way!)

  3. Hi, just wanted to ask Cathy's question again! How do you do this in Wordpress? Thanks very much. Would love to link up!

  4. How do you add a badge to the side of you blog


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