Breakfast at Nood Food - Alnwick

Regular readers will know how much we enjoy eating out and trying new restaurants and foods. I just love the whole experience of sitting around the table with the family over some delicious food (and not having to worry about the dishes or mess!). One of the things I have realised though is that it is extremely difficult to try and choose healthy or unprocessed foods when out and about. Children's menus are generally always jam packed with chicken nuggets and sausage and chips and often the adult menu is not much better.

Introducing Nood Food

I was delighted to discover Nood Food in Alnwick - their concept is refreshing. Nood Food serve food that is completely free from processing using whole foods from organic and local suppliers where possible. All food is cooked on site from scratch (apart from their bread) and as everything is unprocessed, the entire menu is naturally gluten free! Sounds fab doesn't it!

Nobody in our family needs to eat a Gluten-free diet, however I loved the concept of an entire restaurant full of unprocessed food so we promptly booked a table to try Nood Food for ourselves.

Breakfast at Nood Food

The breakfast menu at Nood Food features lots of firm favourites that have been given a Nood Food makeover to ensure they are unprocessed and natural but still full of flavour. Hubby ordered the Gluten free 'Big Clean Breakfast' which sounded delicious - Northumberland pork sausages, handmade Northumberland bacon, homemade clean beans and free range eggs all feature. Even the ketchup is made in house.

It was safe to say, this really set him up for the day and proved to us that unprocessed and Gluten free does not equal zero flavour.

Nood Food is a welcoming place, there is free parking outside and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The staff are extremely knowledgable and will talk you through their menu. They really know their stuff and are happy to answer any questions and as everything is cooked to order, they can take special requests too. As we enjoyed our breakfast there was a steady flow of locals joining us for brunch or to enjoy a cup or organic fair trade coffee whilst they read the paper.

Our children had their eyes on the Clean Pancake Stack - served with a choice of clean chocolate sauce, maple syrup, bacon and banana. I must admit I could not resist ordering them myself either and I didn't regret it. Although they are made with Gluten free flour they were light and fluffy and just as good as my favourite non-Gluten free pancakes.

It's safe to say we all very much enjoyed our breakfasts and there were clean plates all round! It made such a change watching my children enjoy unprocessed but delicious foods like this and not complaining! 

Along with hot drinks, Nood Food offer a wide range of homemade smoothies and raw juices. Heidi's very berry fruit smoothie was made in front of our eyes and went down a treat!

Nood Food at Lunch

Next time we are in Alnwick, we will most definitely be popping into Nood Food to give their lunch menu a try. I would have trouble choosing between Gluten Free Thai Curry with Quinoa, Salmon fillet with a sweet potato mash and one of their fab salad bowls. There are always delicious sounding specials on offer which is important to keep people coming back for more (as I type I am reading that today's special is watercress and orange soup) and freshly baked gluten free cakes and cookies fill the counter top.

Nood and Run

Nood Food have also just launched a fantastic in-shop deli counter for those that want to grab lunch to takeaway. We think this is a fantastic idea if you are planning a day at nearby Alnwick castle or Alnwick garden but don't want to carry a picnic around with you all day. There are a selection of salads and gluten free, sugar-free treats to choose from.

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In conclusion, we think that Nood Food in onto a winner. Unprocessed and natural food that is also delicious and tasty. I really wish Louise and Claire all the best with Nood Food, their enthusiasm is infectious and I can see Nood Food opening up in every town in the not too distant future.

All you need to Know

Monday - 10am-3:30pm
Tuesday - 9am-4pm
Wednesday - 9am-4pm
Thursday - 9am-4pm
Friday - 9am-5pm
Saturday - 9am-5pm
Sunday - 10:30am-3:30pm

Evenings can be booked for private parties of 8 people or more

Nood Food Emporium
39 Market Street
NE66 2JJ
Phone - 01665 606601

We enjoyed a complimentary breakfast for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are our own.

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  1. Ooh that all sounds and looks amazing. I agree that loadsof kids menus come short of healthy it's dissappinting in this day and age too. May try this if we ever get to Alnwick gardens! #nebloggers

    1. Can't believe you've never been to Alnwick gardens Karen! When you do you should definitely check Nood Food out x

  2. This sounds just like a fantastic place to go. How refreshing particularly to have a children's menu with unprocessed foods.

    1. It's fantastic - we all loved it. You can have healthy food that is tasty too!

  3. Sounds great, but bacon and sausages are processed foods!

    1. Thanks for your comment. The sausages and bacon are actually hand made for Nood Food using only pork and herbs for the sausages. No other ingredients are added in the process. Their bacon is made especially to meet Nood Food standards in a process which takes four weeks. Neither have any additional salts, sugars, preservatives or nastiness xx

  4. Yum yum! That cake looks amazing! x

  5. That breakfast looks incredibly, so wholesome. I love eating out but breakfasts out seem so much more decadent x

  6. Just gorgeous, love healthy food that doesn't compromise on taste! Love your review posts. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  7. Just gorgeous, love healthy food that doesn't compromise on taste! Love your review posts. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  8. Gorgeous review, love healthy food that doesn't compromise on taste! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  9. You've made me seriously hungry!!! great review, I'd love to eat there #tastytuesdays


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