Puzzle Club Magazine - helping KS2 children with school work

Puzzle Club is the first ever puzzle magazine that has been designed to support the National Curriculum. Aimed at children aged 7-11 years old, the 64 page magazine has been developed by Puzzler Media in conjunction with Pearson.

'Learning stuff is not as hard as it seems. Let's be honest, if your mum, dad and teachers can do it, it can't be that hard! Puzzle Club includes loads of things you're learning at school, but puts them into puzzles so you can have fun practising them and remember them more easily'

Anything that supports my son's education sounds good to me so we were delighted to put this magazine through it's paces over half term.

The first thing that struck me was just how jam packed the magazine was with puzzles - there are so many to choose from that this magazine would certainly keep my son busy for well over a month. You can dip in and out of different subjects which are all clearly labelled at the bottom of each page.

The magazine really does reflect the school curriculum too and I was impressed to see subjects (such and conductive materials) covered that I know my son has been learning about in school.

Zap your Sats

A huge selling point for me are the 'Zap your Sats' style questions that have been strategically placed throughout the magazine. These are questions that are similar to those asked in KS2 Sats so provide your child with plenty of practice. Because they are in a 'fun magazine' they are a lot more engaging than sitting down to a revision book just before the tests.

Stress Free for Parents

School was a long time ago for me and I don't know about you but I often resort to good old google to help my children with school work. You don't need to worry about not knowing the answer or not being able to help your child with this magazine though as all of the answers, workings and tips can be found at the back. Phew!

Fun experiments

As well as puzzles there are a few fun and simple experiments for you to try at home. We cannot wait to make this 'Ghostly Hand'.


Children love entering competitions and it is a fantastic way to encourage them to learn and use the creative side of their brain. In issue one there is the chance to win a Kindle Fire. Unfortunately we missed the competition deadline but we will definitely be entering future competitions.

Over to Harry (aged 8 and in Year 3). Here is what he thought:-

"My favourite part of the magazine were the puzzles and mazes. I also enjoyed doing the shape questions. My mam had to help me change miles into kilometres and some of the questions were too hard for me."

A good way to enjoy some scree-free time before bed.

Overall I was extremely impressed with Puzzle Club Magazine. I like that it supports the school curriculum and challenged Harry's brain too. I popped it in my handbag when we went out for a meal and Harry sat happily completing puzzles. It also worked a treat during a long car journey over half term and kept him occupied. Harry is a bright boy and some of the puzzles were a little harder than others but the beauty was we could complete those ones together when we were at home and there were plenty of pages he could complete himself when we weren't able to supervise him.

Puzzle Club will set you back £3.99 per issue which is pretty much the standard price of a magazine/comic for an 8 year old. It is available from WHSmiths, newsagents and supermarkets.

For more information and to subscribe, visit:-  www.puzzler.com/puzzleclub

You can get your first 3 issues for £3 using code PCSAMP

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  1. This sounds great, it stresses me so much to think about SATS and helping with more complicated homework (and I was good at school scarily!) #nebloggers

    1. It stresses me out to think about SATs too Karen - I love that this can be used from age 7 though so gives them lots of practice before the big day.

  2. I think that sounds like a great magazine. My little boy is only 6, but is already obsessed with numbers and number puzzles.


    1. I would definitely recommend in a few years time - perfect for screen free time.

  3. What a great idea. I was obsessed with puzzles and wordsearches when I was young.

    Cat x

    1. Me too - I used to love a good wordsearch or puzzle x

  4. My son is 7 and in year 3 but struggles with work, I think this could be a fun way of learning for him with my help. #ukbloggers

    1. Yes definitely - it makes learning a lot more fun. I love the competition they can enter too for extra motivation x

  5. This sounds fantastic! Something my 7 year old would love.....She hates doing homework but this looks a lot of fun! x

  6. Oh my daughter would love this. Ideal for school holidays! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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