#LoveNorthEast - March Linkup

Welcome to #LoveNorthEast March Linkup! We showcase the best blog posts from around the North East and share the best that our region has to offer. Old or new posts are welcome and as long as you're a North East business or have written about somewhere in the region, you're welcome to join in.

Last month we had a 27 fantastic posts link up (you can see them here) and I have chosen a few of my favourite's to showcase:-
I just love this monthly feature from New Girl In Toon. In February, Chloe linked up her post featuring (another) Chloe from Prosecco and Pie who explained exactly what the North East means to her. Such a lovely read and some gorgeous pics from our region too.

This is such a good idea! Babyfoote have set themselves a challenge to visit every park in North Tyneside in 2015. This post features one of their first visits to Pool Park.

Now it's your turn, I would really appreciate it if you could join in this month. The more the merrier!

Rules of Linky

1 - You can link up to three posts per month. Make sure they feature the North East in some way.

2 - Grab my badge below and add it to any posts you are linking up.

(you need to copy and paste the code blow the badge then add it to the HTML at the bottom of your post - on blogger do this by switching from 'compose mode' to 'HTML mode' I promise it is easier than I have described!).

3 - Linky's work best when you visit as many posts as you can. This is all about sharing the region we LOVE. Please comment on a host post and a few others. Check back at the end of the week for any you may have missed.

In return I promise to read all of the posts that take part and will tweet and add to our pinterest board too. I will also pick my favourite posts to showcase in next month's link up. I really enjoy reading everybody's posts and can't wait to see what you have to offer in March.

North East Family Fun



  1. I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks so I've shared a post from last year that I've just been reminiscing over!

  2. I think I've done that all right! First time joining the linkup and I think it's a fab idea- Just to let you know that I used the same method as you described for blogger on my wordpress blog when adding your badge to my posts and it worked fine! I am, however, struggling to persuade blogger to let me leave this comment with my wordpress account- I'm not trying to be anonymous!

    Looking forward to reading the other posts! :)

    Eats x

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