Half price food at The Botanist in January

This December in Newcastle whilst you have been shopping for Christmas gifts or enjoying a festive tipple you may have noticed a new door appearing to the side of Monument Mall opposite Waterstones. This door is the entrance to The Botanist - Newcastle's hottest new bar and restaurant. As you enter the doorway and climb several flights of stairs (a lift is available) you step into the most beautiful 8000 sqft venue and are rewarded with unrivalled views of Grey Street and beyond.

The Bar

Stripped back wooden benches sit alongside beautiful chandeliers to give The Botanist a rustic feel with a sophisticated edge. There are snug corners and private dining areas to hide away in and large tables to gather with friends sit alongside intimate tables for two. You will find plenty of seating options around the bar as well where you'll also find the current talk of the town - an imposing tree dominating the centre of the bar. You can't help but look up and admire the tree's branches twinkling against the historic monument dome.

If you are looking for a bar with live music you can now always rely on The Botanist. There are plans for live music every single night of the week in partnership with Genre Music (the bar even boasts it's very own piano). On the night of our visit the singer was singing up tempo modern classics that matched the mood of the bar perfectly.

Thanks Kate Robinson for this gorgeous shot

The piece de resistance has to be the stunning roof top terrace which is really going to come into it's own next Summer - also available for private hire I can't imagine a nicer place to escape the city centre crowds and relax with a cocktail or two in the sunshine.

Thanks again Kate for letting me use this photo


Last week I was invited along to The Botanist with some other North East bloggers to try our hand at cocktail making and take part in a beer tasting masterclass. This was really a lot of fun and I was very impressed with how passionate and knowledgable the bartenders were. All cocktails are hand poured (which I learned requires a special license and all staff need to pass a 'pouring' test before every shift) and use carefully sourced ingredients. The cocktail menu is extensive and as The Botanist's name suggests, features a fair few herbs and micro herbs. All juices are made freshly each day in house too. You really can be assured you are getting a top-class cocktail here!

Classic cocktails are given a twist (Apple and Rosemary sling anyone) and I bet there are a few flavour combinations you haven't tried on the menu too. The cocktail menu is unlike anywhere else in Newcastle and I can't wait to work my way through it.

 Apple and Rosemary Sling - Rosemary, Olmeco Blanco tequila, Hayman's Sloe Gin, apple juice, sugar syrup and lime juice

Chloe from Prosseco and Pie and Sarah from Sarabosson.com  are looking chuffed with their attempt at an English Mojito

Carly from BeautySauce.com and Tasha from hello-freckles.com demonstrating how to double strain  an Apricot and Mint Daiquiri (this was my favourite cocktail although beware - it is very strong)

Hannah from Raspberry Kitsch and Lauren from Scranonthetyne feeling brave and attempting 'The Botanist'

Micro herb Red amaranth used in 'The Botanist' cocktail

Agnes from Agnesdaisy.com and Debbie from Socialbutterflyblog with their Rose Mai Tai. Real rose buds are crushed with ice to make the base for this lovely refreshing drink.

This was the first time I have ever attempted cocktail making and I have to say it is usually something I would associate with hen parties. However after trying first hand what The Botanist has to offer, I now know it can be something much more than this. I learned so much about the history of spirits and the different techniques needed to create and mix drinks. Obviously it was great being able to try them all afterwards too and we had lots of fun and laughs - we definitely served a few generous measures and were not as careful at pouring some of the spirits as we maybe could have been! Ooops! You can find out more about booking a cocktail masterclass here (Prices start at £25 per person).


Sitting in a room with eleven young ladies sampling a selection of ales and beers isn't exactly a normal Thursday evening, but after our cocktail masterclass we were taken through to a private dining room with a view to extending our knowledge. My other half was extremely jealous about this and the masterclass would have been right up his street.

We started the session with a brief introduction to the four key components of beer and how beer is made. I was interested to learn that women have more taste buds than their male counterparts - so men listen up, you have to believe us when we say we have more taste!
We were provided with a huge variety of ales and beers - some I liked and some not so much. The session was very informal and we got chatting about what we enjoyed with a few expert tips thrown in. As I've already stated, the staff at The Botanist are extremely knowledgeable and they really know their beers too! There wasn't a question our host couldn't answer. 

I enjoy a beer now and again but I didn't realise just how diverse they could be. I completely shocked myself and really enjoyed Einstock - an Icelandic white ale. I could really taste Coriander seeds and I don't even usually like coriander! It was great to be introduced to new tastes and I will certainly recommend this beer to anyone who wants to try something new. There are a huge selection of beers and ales available at The Botanist and after chatting to the guy who gets to choose which beers make the cut, I can vouch for the fact that they have been carefully selected to cater for a wide range of tastes. 

You can find out more about booking an Ale Tasting session here. Sessions last for 90 minutes and start at just £15. I think this would be a perfect way to start a birthday party.


We were given a few deli boards to share between us. You can choose 4 items which are accompanied by flatbreads for £9.95 which is a superb price. Choices include classic scotch eggs, crudites, roasted peppers, jewelled couscous, salads and a selection of cheeses and meats. Perfect to share with a bottle of wine I think. 

The Botanist doesn't strike me as the sort of place I would take my children - it has a very grown up feel about it. However, the atmosphere is very relaxed and I when I noticed they offered a children's Sunday lunch for only £5.95 including ice cream, I could not resist booking a table for the new year - keep your eyes peeled in January for our Sunday lunch review!



  1. Mmm I love the Botanist, I've been to the Leeds one a couple of times and think its brilliant :)

  2. This place looks excellent ~
    If I were just a few thousand miles closer I would stop in for a cocktail right now !

    Any plans to open a Botanist in Denver, Colorado ??....:}

    Everything looks great with this place . all the best from the Rocky Mountains USA !

  3. Thanks for the link, going to use it for a January treat!


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