A late lunch at Lola Jeans

We first stumbled upon Lola Jeans a year or so ago when we were out having a few drinks in Tynemouth. I instantly fell in love with the place with acoustic live singers in the corner and comfy tub chairs to sink into whilst sampling a few of their cocktails (cherry drop is my favourite). It is the sort of bar where everyone is just genuinely there to relax and have a good time. They aren't all about the cocktails though and ever since I read Paul from a Taste in the North's review of Lola Jeans, I knew I had to return during kitchen hours to sample some of their food for myself.

During my birthday celebrations in Tynemouth earlier this month, as soon as we had checked into our accommodation and dropped off our bags we headed straight for Lola Jeans. We bagged ourself a snug little corner and browsed the menu. Sally from Martineau Guest House where we were staying recommended either the steak platter, seafood platter or chicken wings. So of course we ordered all three. Lola Jeans offers a selection of real ales too and hubby opted for one of those (I couldn't tell you which one) where as I ordered a glass of champagne - well it was my birthday after all!

Steak platter £11.95

The steak platter was just amazing. The prime rump steak was cooked to our liking (medium-rare) and served with homemade chunky chips, a well dressed salad, pitta breads and dips. There was a lot of steak for your money and it was tender as it should be and well seasoned. Simply delicious. I will definitely be ordering this again when I visit next.

Seafood platter £9.95

£9.95 is an absolute bargain for this platter which is packed with tiger prawns, crayfish, smoked salmon and mackerel. The seafood was served with a dressed salad, pitta breads, red onion chutney and olives. Everything was lovely and fresh and it is the perfect platter to match a glass of champagne.

Chicken Wings £5.95 for 5

These chicken wings are really something special. They are supersized, crispy and smothered in a deliciously tangy secret recipe sauce. They are very moreish and next time we will probably order 10 for £8.95 as I was left wanting more this time.

Lola Jeans was a perfect choice for a late lunch. The food is spot on, the service attentive and friendly and the atmosphere was nice and chilled. Our bill came to just over £30 including drinks which considering steak and champagne was involved is very reasonable.

Lola Jeans has recently expanded and has now opened on Market Street in Newcastle making it a good place to visit post or pre-theatre or to stop for lunch whilst shopping. You can find out more by liking their facebook page here. 



  1. Ooh, we've never eaten in there, but it's a great atmosphere in nice surroundings. We'll have to have a taste of that steak platter!

  2. oooh I have never been here, it looks like somewhere I need to visit

  3. Ooh this sounds delicious! Will have to visit when I am back in Newcastle! :D



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