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I am part of the Family Explorers North East facebook group and love the days out recommendations that are posted in the group along with the special offers they send out in their weekly newsletter (Free Child entry to Life Science Centre for example). I wanted to spread the word about this fantastic group as I think it would be of interest to a lot of our readers. 

If you sign up to the Family Explorers Newsletter (link at the bottom of this post) before 6 th December, you will be entered into a prize draw to win tickets to see The Snowman at The Sage. 

Fingers crossed for you all! Now over to Sallyanne, Family Explorers Coordinator:-

Family Explorers North East: Why it's worth signing up (and not just the special offers)

Firstly thanks to Samantha for offering me a guest post in her fabulous blog. 

I first contacted her because I'm mum too and I take care of a project that has lots in common with Samantha and her blog. 

Designed by North East families

Family Explorers North East is a free service for the region's families. It's just been made public after a long time researching what families wanted to make visiting cultural places easier. (If you took part in the research, thank you!)

Families said they wanted to have clearer information about where to go and what to expect from the venues. (What are the facilities? Is it easy to find? Is my into-everything toddler welcome?) 

They wanted to have a small number of recommendations on where to go so the choice wasn't overwhelming.

North East Families are canny and wanted to see their pennies go further too.

Really importantly, they also wanted to see reviews and recommendations they could trust from families like them. 

What Family Explorers get

So, the Family Explorers North East community was born. It's free and subscribers get:

*An e-newsletter every Friday with a few handpicked regional day out recommendations, special offers, competitions and venue news. 
*The chance to join the Family Explorers North East Facebook Forum, take part in conversations and see what other families are reviewing and recommending.
*A website with venue info, money saving tips and fun reviewing tools.

Right now, there are 6 treats on offer to subscribers:

*Free child entry for Life Science Centre
*Free child entry to Seven Stories
*£10 off a family ticket for Get Santa at Northern Stage
*Half price entry to Shipley Scamps toddler sessions 
*A competition to win a family ticket for The Snowman at Sage Gateshead
*A competition to win a family ticket to see It's A Wonderful Life at Tyneside Cinema

Who's behind it?

Family Explorers is run by a partnership of many of the North East most loved venues - here's the full list

They've promised not to contact you directly unless you ask them to so you won't be bombarded with marketing stuff when you subscribe - just the weekly newsletter - but they do keep giving us exclusive offers!

The special offers are published at the bottom of the e-newsletter sent out every Friday.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Family Explorers North East community. 

Families that subscribe to the e-newsletter now are automatically entered into the competition to win a family ticket for The Snowman at Sage Gateshead.

You can also take part in the Facebook group by following this link and asking to join.

(The Snowman competition closes on Saturday 6 December so it's worth signing up right now.)


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