Cal's Own - Brooklyn Style Pizza Pie

I find it hard to believe that Cal's Own turned two this month. They seem to have been standing on Chillingham Road forever now and their amazing Brooklyn-style pizza's are now definitely a Newcastle institution.

Cal's Own has been our venue of choice for a fair few date night's these past two years (still think it feel's a lot longer!) so we were delighted to go along and help them celebrate turning two this week. 

The dining area is small but perfectly formed with wooden tables and chairs, blackboard menus, low lighting and an open kitchen - you feel as if you are sitting at an old friend's kitchen table rather than a restaurant meaning it is a lovely place for an informal catch up with your mates.

Thanks Leigh Venus from NE Scran for this photo

Cal makes pizza and he makes it well - I always find when restaurant's focus on just one thing it can be AMAZING and Cal's Own is the perfect example of this. Sourcing only the finest ingredients from Italy, Cal's pizzas are not just your regular pizza - they are something special and are really worth making the journey to Heaton for.

The main menu at Cal's only features just 5 pizzas - a red pie, white pie, calzone, cheese pie or margherita (there is a specials board too) - you can then choose up to three toppings per pizza. We generally choose two 18" pizza's between 4/5 of us and this is sufficient. Pizza's are placed in the middle of your table meaning that everyone can just dive in. A meal at Cal's is a truly social experience. Service can sometimes be a little slow, but this is to be expected as all pizza's are made in house and from scratch. When this is the case, you certainly don't mind waiting a little longer.

Cal's Own is a BYOB restaurant - meaning you can take your own alcohol. We usually take a couple of bottle's of wine and they are happy to provide glasses ect... for minimal corkage. You can also buy a selection of soft drinks including Root beer and Grape Soda. 

Cal's Own does not usually take reservations and we have never had too much of a problem getting a table.

If you are looking for a new place to meet with friends, enjoy some wine and the best pizza you'll have ever had, give Cal's Own in Heaton a try. I had such a lovely evening with Chloe from New Girl in Toon, Shivani from Cloud in a Teacup with her friend Ollie and Fiona from North East Nerd. We were there for over 2 hours and the time just flew by. Cal's birthday party was my first ever bloggers meet up and I'm really pleased it was a success.



  1. This seems like an excellent reason to visit Newcastle! The pizza looks phenomenal!


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