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Now that halloween is over, Christmas preparations are well under way in our household. Although I have yet to buy a single present (eeeek) I am doing well in the wrapping and decoration department (yeah!). When Amy from Mummy & Mimi asked if any bloggers would like to preview her personalised Christmas products I of course put myself forward. I had a sneaky peak at Mummy & Mimi's etsy shop and loved Amy's colourful and child friendly designs so I was super pleased when I was asked to take part.

I love personalised products and really enjoyed choosing item's for Heidi. All of Mummy & Mimi's Christmas items can be personalised with either Father Christmas, A Snowman, A Reindeer or A Gingerbread man. We chose to go with a Reindeer design for all of our items. All items are sold with a lovely matching personalised tag which is a nice little touch.

Heidi is a rather unusual name (although it is apparently the 99th most popular girls name in the UK this year?) and during a recent holiday it was sad to see that there are never any personalised product's with Heidi's name on available in gift shops. She was able to buy something for her best friend with her name on but sadly not herself. That is why I chose to design items just with Heidi's name on them. It is going to be a lovely surprise for her to finally see something with her name on and I just know she is going to be over the moon on Christmas morning when she see's them.

Large Santa Sack - £18

This sack has been handmade and is made of really strong, durable material. This sack is the perfect size in which to place a few gifts or to wrap something that is unusually difficult. I hope to use this sack to hold Heidi's new frozen toys so they are all together as a set.

Another great idea would be to use this bag as a special Christmas laundry bag - I think it would look very festive hanging on the back of a child's door or at the bottom of their bed during the festive period. These bags can be personalised with any name or phrase, you don't have to stick with 'Happy Christmas'. There is a drawstring on this bag meaning you can close it too.

Large Personalised Stocking - £8.50

This is my favourite item and I think it is a bargain at only £8.50. I do not think I have seen a personalised stocking for this price anywhere on the high street. I just love the Reindeer design and how large this stocking is - much larger than those you normally buy and perfect to fill with lots of smaller gifts.

Cotton Gift bag and matching card - £7

Again, another item that is of very high quality and such a bargain! This bag is the perfect size for carrying smaller books. We are making a Christmas Advent Book tree this year and I plan to put our last book in this bag on Christmas Eve along with a few other treats for Heidi to enjoy.

The beauty of personalised gifts is you can choose any name you like - it doesn't have to be your child's name. Imagine how chuffed your little one would be if Father Christmas left them a bag of gifts personalised with their nickname? It would definitely add to the magic.

The service we received from Amy was fantastic - there was clear communication regarding delivery times and schedules at every stage and a our delivery arrived with a little packet of chocolate coins which was a lovely surprise.

If you are looking for personalised Christmas gift bags, sacks or stockings that have been made with love, make sure you support a small business over the high street and visit Mummy & Mimi's online etsy store. Amy's products are of the highest quality, will stand the test of time and can be used year after year. In my opinion, they are definitely worth the investment.

We received a selection of products free of charge in return for an honest review.



  1. Poor Heidi .. I had the same problem when I was little - the personalised things in shops were always for "Sarah" or "Catherine" but you could never ever find a Chloe. Seems funny now cos Chloe is such a popular name and I'm pretty sure I could probably find whatever I wanted now!

    These are so cute! Love the reindeer!

    1. Yeah I was always ok with Samantha but may struggle to find it now! Ah you don't think of these things when you are choosing a name for your child x

  2. These are so lovely aren't they? We were really impressed with the quality too. My daughter can never find personalised things in shops - her name is Gemma, and there is never anything with her name on! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. These are just lovely! I won a large Santa sack from mummyandmimi last week and I chose the reindeer design. I can't wait to get it now iv'e read your lovely review x

  4. Aww! How lovely! What a lovely range!! I could never find anything with my name on when I was a kid....There was always Kimberly but not Kim.

  5. Personalised gifts are always special and make children feel that little bit special, just as they should. Popping by from Tried and Tested


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