2 course lunch in a restaurant for £2.50

We have always been a fan of Michelino's in Whitley Bay. Their 'kids eat free' during happy hour deal has always worked out as a fantastic value for money meal out for us. When they announced a 2 course lunch deal for £2.50 I could not believe my eyes and immediately booked up with the girls and our 3 toddler boys for lunch.

Michelino's is situated in the heart of Whitley Bay on South Parade (the street with the bars) near the sea front. There is ample parking in the surrounding streets. The 2 course pre-summer special is available Monday - Friday between 12noon and 4pm. Booking is advised via their facebook page or by phoning 0191 2517800

At £2.50 I wasn't really sure what to expect but the menu is fairly extensive. For starters you can choose from bruschetta, potato skins or homemade soup of the day. We all opted for the potato skins and they were as good as any other skins I've had. No scrimping on dips either - they were served with both a tomato salsa and garlic mayo.

The choice of main course was fairly substantial with a choice of 5 pizzas and 5 pastas on the menu. I ordered the spicy pepperoni pizza and was impressed that the dough and pizza sauce both seemed to be homemade. They were the traditional thin crust type of pizza you would get in any Italian restaurant and tasted delicious. They filled our plate too so again no scrimping on portion size!

The atmosphere in michelino's is lovely with wine glasses and napkins on the table and brown leather chairs. It feels slightly more upmarket than a high street chain restaurant would. The staff were lovely and very welcoming and charming. The children were even given a free lollipop when we left. Toddler boys can be quite boisterous at times but the staff didn't bat an eyelid.

Our total bill for 6 people including a soft drink each was £22. I don't think I have ever dined anywhere this cheap! It's not just cheap though, it also tastes nice too.

The 2 courses for £2.50 pre-summer lunch deal is also available to take away which would be fantastic value to share with friends at the nearby parks or beach. I would strongly advise making the most of this deal while you can as I don't think it will be around for long.

Photographs are from Michelino's facebook page. I was so engrossed in our food and conversation that I forgot to take photographs of my own!


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