Kuoni 'Scents of Adventure'

Take a look at Kuoni's 'Scents of Avenenture' map which is a map with a difference. If you get up close you can not only see many popular holiday spots on the map but you can also smell the unique scents of different destinations across the globe. Apple pie is the scent of America and coffee beans is the chosen scent of Brazil. You can see (and smell) this map for yourself in real life in the Kuoni travel shop at the Bluewater shopping centre.

There is something missing from the map though, and that is the signature scent of the Maldives. Kuoni have asked bloggers to explain what we think the scent of the Maldives should be. If we win, we will receive a trip to the 5 star Maafushivaru resort in the Maldives which would be a trip of a lifetime! In fact any of the Maldives resorts featured on the Kuoni website would be a trip you would certainly remember forever.

When I think of the Maldives, the picture created in my head is that of miles and miles of white sandy beaches with the sun shining down on the clear sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean. Lying on a beach here has to be the ultimate way to relax. I imagine, as I am lying (and relaxing) in the sun, the scent I would smell would be that of wood gently warming in the sun's glow.

Why wood do I hear you ask? Well the Maldives are famous for their wooden beach bungalows and wooden water bungalows all connected across the ocean with wooden walkways. If I close my eyes I can almost smell the scent of the wood warming beneath my feet as I walk from my water bungalow to the beach.

Wood plays a huge part in the history and culture of the Maldives. Maldivian Dhoni boats are a symbol of the country's nationalism. They are hand crafted on the islands and used as fishing boats and to transport tourists between islands. Traditionally they are made from coconut wood sourced directly from the islands. I can imagine taking a sunset stroll along a Maldivian beach and watching the shoreline become crowded with these boats returning from a days fishing. Again if I close my eyes and inhale, wood is the scent I believe I would smell.

Wooden lacquerware is one of the Maldives' most famous crafts and they are sought after souvenirs for tourists. Wood is painstakingly hollowed out and hand carved into a beautiful vase, bowl or basket which would be sold by locals across the islands. Again, as I browse the market stalls and shops of the Maldives, it is the earthy smell of wood I believe I would smell.

My perfect trip to the Maldives would involve relaxing on deck of my wooden water bungalow, exploring the many islands via dhoni boat, sunset strolls watching the fishing boats return to shore and browsing the locally produced crafts on offer. All of these would involve the unmistakeable scent of wood gently warming in the sun's glow which is why I have chosen this to be my signature scent of the Maldives.


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