Our week in food - week 2

Sunday - chicken and sweetcorn soup followed by Heston's Christmas pudding with hidden chocolate sauce
Sunday nights are always something quick and easy as I work late. Soup ticks all of the boxes! My lovely work colleague bought me a Heston Christmas pudding as they were reduced from £14.99 to only 99p and she knows I love Heston. It was absolutely divine and I will certainly be buying one again next Christmas.

Monday - Mince and Dumplings
You really can't beat this on a cold winter's night. We cooked a big batch in our trusty le crueset casserole pot. We served it with homemade rosemary roast potatoes and green beans. 

Tuesday - homemade fish fingers, chips and peas
The kids loved making their own fish fingers and they were a very tasty and healthy choice for dinner tonight. Read about how we made them here.

Later in the evening I enjoyed catching up with the girls with a light pizza and side salad at prezzo. I now know they are called light pizzas as they are only 1/3 the size of a regular pizza! Still tasty though and a great option if you are counting calories as I am.

Wednesday - Nando's chicken and couscous
We had a late dinner this evening As had an evening appointment. As we were eating seperately from the kids we decided to coat our chicken thighs in nandos sauce (far too spicy for kids - almost had me crying!) and roast in the oven. We served the chicken with a side of couscous.

Thursday - make your own pizzas
We love making our own pizzas. I normally buy pre-made pizza bases but tonight we decided to make our own dough too! Lots of fun for the kids after school.

Friday - chicken salad and McDonald's!
I had planned to make some chicken soup however we made last minute plans to enjoy a family night out. We didn't get home until late so popped in for McDonald's for the kids on way home and we had a lovely healthy chicken salad with honey mustard dressing.


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