How do you like your bath?

It is rare for me to enjoy a bath to myself. As I'm sure many parents can agree with, as soon as your supposedly sleeping children hear you climb in the tub they suddenly need the toilet, or feel the need to start crying for you/fighting with their siblings or worst of all decide to climb in with you! When I do get the chance to relax by my myself I am still surrounded by children's bath toys, lego (which my children love to build in the bath) and bath squirters.

I do still really enjoy a bath though and a child free bath is top of this list of things I like to do when my children are otherwise occupied.

So what makes a perfect bath? For me it is the following:-

*The water needs to be as hot and deep as possible
*I need to wear a face mask
*There needs to be some sort of relaxing bath product added to the water
*The lights need to be dim
*I need to be in complete silence!

Now my perfect bath is pretty hard to achieve every day, but is such a treat when I do get the chance.

We were recently asked to sample a product from  Quinessence aromatherapy. I decided to try their Relaxing bath soak with organic Rose, Geranium and Sandalwood.

This is a luxury bath soak enriched with organic essential oils which have been especially blended to help you relax. You only need a few drops of the product so the 200ml bottle will last a long time.

As soon as you add a few drops to your running bath you start to relax and can smell the essential oils already working their magic.

There are no bubbles with this product, however a few drops of this bath soak turn a pretty normal bath into something special. It really left me leaving feeling de-stressed. I also liked how the scent lingered on your skin long after your bath. Quinessence bath soaks are priced at £9.99 each which I feel is an excellent price for a luxury product. You get great value for money as a bottle would last a very long time and I would certainly recommend them as a gift for anybody in your life who deserves a little pampering.

Check out Quinessence bath soaks and their other luxury aromatherapy products here:-

Disclaimer:- we were sent a product of our choice from Quinessence for the purpose if this review. All views are our own.


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