Our magic garden

Our garden is a normal garden you would expect to see attached to a semi-detached house in a typical Northern town. It has a patio area, is littered with toys and has a small lawn. We have enjoyed playing in it this summer:-

However I can't help thinking we don't use it to it's full potential and we could do A LOT more with it. The whole family put our heads together and designed what we think would make a perfect family garden:- a magical garden where children can play amongst fairies and elves.

Our magic garden:-

First of all, the only way you can enter our magic garden is via magic train! Jump aboard, close your eyes and clap 3 times and you will be transported to a very special place.

Hop, skip and jump along the stepping stones until you arrive at mushroom lake. Here you will see the garden elves and fairies bathing in the sacred water which gives them their magical powers.

Next, head towards sunflower tower which is situated in the sunniest part of our garden. At the foot of the sunflower you might spot a toadstool tea party. Look closely and you will see garden elves and fairies having a much needed rest and enjoying tea and cake at the toadstool tables and chairs.

After tea, pop over to magic house HQ. We would customise an AXI Alice Playhouse to be the hub of all elf and fairy activity. We would add a play kitchen where the elves and fairies could help us make spells and potions (spot the magic smoke escaping the chimney). We have designed what we would like Magic house HQ to look like:-

Nearby would be the elf and fairy village. We would paint bird boxes and add doll's house furniture to turn them into elf and fairy houses. Harry (7) has designed what he would imagine an elf house to look like:- 

Apparently it is much like a tardis and a lot bigger on the inside that the outside. This one even contains a cinema!

Heidi (4) has designed what she imagines a fairy house to look like. It has glittery pink fairy dust on the outside and has a magic penny tree outside:-

To make our garden enchanting and exciting we would plant bluebells in our borders. These are a fairy's favourite flower and they love to fly amongst them. We would also add twinkling fairy lights to our trees so our garden could be enjoyed both day and night.

When it is time to leave the elves and fairies to their work, the only way home is via a magic mirror. Stand in front of the mirror close your eyes and say the special secret home spell and you will be transported back home.

Our magical garden was designed using inspiration from some of the toys available from ActivityToysDirect.com, who are established as one of the UK's largest independent retailers of Children's Play Equipment.

I would love to hear your ideas for a perfect garden. What theme or areas would you have?
  • “This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition”



  1. Fab drawings......looks like a garden perfectly made for fun!

    1. Thanks Kara, we had lots of fun putting this blog together x


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