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How to make Foolproof gooey brownies in 6 minutes

Chocolate brownies are one of our all time favourite treats - especially when they are all soft and gooey on the inside. I do like making my own from scratch however there often aren't enough hours in the day to be the domestic goddess I would like to be! When we were sent some Mug Brownies* to try from bakedin I was intrigued to see if they could indeed be made in less than 6 minutes and I wanted to know if they tasted as good as those I would make from scratch myself.

There are currently four types of Mug brownies to choose from - chocolate, chocolate orange, espresso and gluten free.  Your kit is packed into a smart box and contains four tubs, each containing a perfect portion of brownie mixture. The ingredients are of the highest quality. Expect organic flour, Belgian chocolate and fairtrade coffee.

The instructions are simple - pop a tablespoon of butter into your favourite mug and microwave for 20 seconds. Then stir in your brownie mix and two tablespoons of water. Pop back into the microwave for 60 seconds. Now for the important bit - RESTRAIN YOURSELF AND LEAVE THE MUG ALONE FOR 5 MINUTES then simply add a scoop of ice cream and enjoy.

After dinner tonight, we all grabbed our favourite mugs to try these brownies for ourself. The recipe is so simple that even my three year old could manage it with supervision. Here is how we got on:-

Mix before microwaved

The finished product - in under 6 minutes!

I can confirm the brownie was definitely chocolatey and gooey!

I was highly impressed with how simple these were to make and I'm pleased to report they were in fact ready in under 6 minutes. Everybody loved the taste and we can all confirm that they were perfectly gooey on the inside too. When they are cooking in the microwave they fill your kitchen with the most wonderful aroma that can usually only be achieved by home baking and you will feel like you are a domestic goddess after all.

These kits are so versatile. They are well presented and high quality meaning they would make a wonderful gift. They are also they perfect way to impress your friends at a dinner party, I like the suggestion of using a teacup rather than a mug and serving these brownies as a dessert. This would work particularly well for the Espresso flavour.

TOP TIP:- If serving these to guests, make sure you wipe the rim and excess mixture from the inside of your cup before you place it in the microwave to give a neat finish.

I have saved 4 pot's of brownie mix in our cupboard for our first walk home from school in the rain/snow this winter. Mug Brownies have the same warming effect as a hot chocolate drink would but are definitely quicker and easier to make.

A Mug Brownie kit will set you back £4.95 for 4 individual servings. You can order via the Bakedin website or pick a box up in person at a select few stockists throughout the UK. If you subscribe to the Bakedin monthly newsletter you will be entered into a draw to win a free kit.

Thanks to Bakedin for sending us a selection of Mug Brownies to review, we all had fun trying them out and are looking forward to our next family movie night in when we're going to make them again.

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  1. I think I have to buy these! I am awful at baking and 6 minutes! You can't moan at that can you. My daughter isn't a hot chocolate fan but she would love this as an after school treat great review thanks #TriedTested

  2. Oh my goodness, I need these in my life! They look amazing. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. Oh wow! These look and sound amazing!! Yum!!

  4. Wow!! these look amazing!! and tasty! #triedtested

  5. Amazing! As soon as I saw your link on #triedtested I had to read more haha xx

  6. 6 minutes?! That's quick for something that looks sooooo delicious! Not so good for Christmas party dress season!

  7. What a great idea! Who doesn't need brownies in just 6 minutes?! #TriedTested

  8. Oh, those look so brilliant. At someone who has just acquired a microwave I'd be very keen to try! #triedtested

  9. Amazing!! Sadly we don't have a microwave! X

  10. Oh yummy. What a fantastic idea. I have tried baking my own microwave fruit cakes #TriedTested

  11. Ah these look fab! They'd make great gifts too :) x x

  12. Now I want cake!! They'd be fab for keeping in the cupboard for a cake emergency!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x


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