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Back to School Hair Challenge

I will be the first to admit, I am hopeless when it comes to hairstyles - I am never going to win any awards for creating a perfect bun or french plait. I definitely need some assistance! That's why I am looking forward to joining in with the back to school #kidshaircare twitter party with H&A at 1pm on 18th September - I hope you can join in and help me with some tips!

For Heidi I have a staple hair style and that is either bunches or two plaits. I find that this keeps her hair out of her face and as tangle free as possible and is quick and easy to do in the morning. She has loved bunches from a young age!

What a difference four years make!

My number one tip when it comes to kids hair care would be to use a good detangling spray and then plait hair when it is still damp after washing - this makes brushing and styling SOOOO much easier then next morning and hair should still be tangle-free so no more tears before school! This Disney Princess Spray from H&A is our favourite.

You've heard my top tip - now I would love to hear yours. Don't forget to join in with the #kidshaircare twitter party on 18th September at 1pm. See you then!


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